Friday, October 5, 2007

A Toy They Keep Coming Back To

Age Range: 4 months-36 months

The great thing about this toy is that they'll come back to it as they discover new things and the toy develops.

The way it works is that you put in the baby's birthday. The toy then actually changes the games based on the baby's age. As developmental milestones are reached the tunes changes, the games change and the top actually pops up, enabling more things to play with.

As with all babies, our son played with it and then moved on to something else; but because this changed as he did, he kept coming back to it.

Discovery Ann B. Dextrous ™ Motor Developer

Nurture and challenge baby's evolving skills with this interactive toy. Toy changes shape and evolves to meet baby's developmental needs. Stage 1 (4 – 8 months): Stimulates baby's motor skills; wobbles, plays music and flashes lights when baby bats. Stage 2 (9 – 11 months): Refines baby's motor skills; more switches and knobs become active, encouraging development of "pincher-grasp" (thumb & finger). Stage 3 (12 – 17 months): Tower pops up to reveal 5 new switches and toggles; leads baby through Find the Color game. Stage 4 (18 – 36 months): Shapes release from tower for sorting activity; Shape Sorter game becomes active; new light shows and sounds effects become active. Baby-friendly knobs and switches. Wobbly base encourages early batting. Separate pods for pushing, pulling, twisting, flipping, sliding and pressing. Free play with 21 knobs, switches, toggles and buttons. Games include Play with the Pod, Find the Color and Shape SortingTower pops up to reveal new activities. Adjustable volumeBuilt-in clock automatically adjusts activities to baby's development level. Activities at each of baby's four developmental stages prepare your child for the next stage. From the earliest gross motor skills to advanced fine motor and cognitive skills, this toy grows with your child and delights at each adorable stage.

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