Friday, November 30, 2007

Hannah Montana Dance Mat

Hannah Montana is one of the hottest things around for young girls at the moment. The concert tickets are few and far between and the dolls are running out fast!

One of the more unusual gifts is the Hannah Montana Rock Star Dance Mat. For ages 5 and up, you can choose which Hannah Montana song you want to dance to and then follow along guided by the lights on the mat. It makes for a great gift and they get a workout too!

Hannah Montana Dance Mat

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gifts for a 13-year Old Girl or Boy

Top Cool Gifts For a 13-Year-Old's Birthday

By Benedict Manovill

If your favorite 12-year-old is about to turn 13, it is time to get some cool gifts for a 13-year-old's birthday.

What would light up the face of a 13-year-old girl or boy? Would it be a sparkling silver shoulder bag... a remote controlled airplane... or a magic kit? Or, perhaps a special birthday dinner in a restaurant with great food, a big cake, and plenty of ice cream.

Settle back for now and let us take a look at some cool gifts that may fit the bill.

Electric Guitar - This electric guitar is ready to play. No TV or sound system is needed. There are built-in songs with a selection for indie, metal, punk, and rock. Your 13-year-old may have a budding career as a rock star.

Pastel Painting Set - This set contains 48 pastels of every color, a block of pastel paper, and a bottle of fixative spray. Your young artist can paint an original painting or paint a picture that is pre-drawn on the paper.

Radio-controlled Trucks - These great trucks come in either a GMC Yukon Denali model or a Dodge HEMI. They are a full 30 inches long and have a roaming range of 100 feet. These remote controlled toy vehicles have giant wheels for rough terrain as well as smooth.

Hannah Montana Projector - Invite friends over, turn down the lights, and pass the popcorn. It is time for the Hannah Montana show. You can project the show on a screen, the wall, or the ceiling. The projector comes with remote and slides. Use a sound track from the show to accompany the pictures.

Pinball Wars Game - This pinball game is a game for two players that switches to a game for one. The standing table is filled with electronic lights and sounds. It has dual LCD scoring as well as internal drop pockets. This cool gift could keep the whole family occupied.

Barbie Girls and MP3 Player - This super gift will bring a lot of joy. There are two Barbie girls and you can mix and match their outfits. Plus, included with the Barbie girls is a good-looking MP3 player with adjustable earbuds and a docking station. This gift could be the hit of any party.

Name Scroll on a Painting - Here is one gift that is always a big hit. This scroll is hand-printed with your 13-year-old's first name and its meaning, and includes famous people with that name. The background is a painting of a kitten, a dog, horses, flowers or other scenes. There is a golden crown, a seal, and a border. This treasured gift is ready for framing.

Well, that is about it. Have a good time shopping for cool gifts for a 13-year-old's birthday. And, remember to have a great time at the birthday party.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Great Camera for a Preschooler

This camera is just made for a toddler or pre-schooler who wants to take pictures like Mommy or Daddy.

It's sturdy, ready to be dropped and is easy to hold. You can transfer pictures to a PC or you can watch them on a TV. The resolution is fine - it's just not an adult camera.

Overall great fun!

Vtech Kidizoom Camera

Vtech Kidizoom CameraLittle ones will have a blast taking candid pics with their Kidizoom Camera. View Kidizoom pictures on your TV or PC with the included connector cable. Watch a picture slide show or view movies. The fun photo editing features allow kids to distort pictures or add silly frames. Plus, the camera comes with three preschool games to keep the fun going!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Great Children's Christmas Gift Ideas

Presents under a Christmas treeGreat Children's Christmas Gift Ideas

By Maddie Thompson

Christmas is just around the corner, and when you look at your children, you can see the excitement building up in their eyes every day. Of course Christmas is special even without the gifts, but buying the perfect gift for your child makes a wonderful holiday even better.

This year, as in past years, there are toys that are hot and trendy. And whether we like it or not, popular toys are popular because most kids have them on their wish lists - and yours might, too!

The Nintendo Wii is probably near the top of a lot of children's lists this year, and for good reason. Nintendo Wii games are highly interactive and a whole lot of fun to play. But it might surprise you to learn that the Wii is also a great family game. If you buy one for your child, do what we did, and set it up in the living room. You need a lot of room to really get into the game, and having it in the living room encourages all the adults in the house to participate, too.

If you do buy the Wii, don't forget to pick up extra Wii remotes and numchuks. On Christmas Day, you'll appreciate having enough remotes for everyone to get in on the action. Don't forget to include a great game, too. And let all the aunts and uncles and grandparents know, so they can pick out a Wii game to add to the collection!

Hannah Montana items are also hot this year. You might not want to go so far as to shell out mega bucks for concert tickets, but there are a lot of great Hannah Montana toys and playsets out there that will thrill the hearts of the true Hannah Montana fan. Older children will appreciate a Hannah Montana Digital Camera or the Hannah Montana Mix Max Personal Media Player, while younger kids will sing to their heart's content with the Hannah Montana microphone.

For the boys, Transformers are definitely hot items this year. A gift of the DVD plus one of the larger-sized Transformers action figures makes a wonderful gift. Check out your child's favorite character - whether it's Bumbleebee, Jazz, Ironhide, Starscreen, Blackout, Scorponok, Brawl, Ratchet or the top dog Optimus Prime, there's a Transformers toy out there that will delight and provide hours of imaginative action play.

Shopping for your children can be a wonderful experience, especially when you know that the present you'll slip under the tree is one that will make them so happy on an already happy day.

Online Shopping Chick offers great gift ideas and is a perfect place to check out this gift giving season. Whether it's for your parents, your children or a co-worker, you'll find lots of fun things to buy online at Online Shopping Chick:

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For more Hannah Montana gift ideas go to Hannah Montana Gifts. It has a range of gift suggestions, including Hannah Montana dolls and Hannah Montana concert tickets (Best of Both Worlds).

Monday, November 19, 2007

Looking for a "WOW" Gift?

Looking for a "WOW" Christmas gift for a child (or even a child-like husband)? How about a Radio Control Digital Camera Plane?

There is no doubt that a kid who opens this on Christmas day would say "WOW". Particularly age 8-14, probably male (but girls would enjoy it too), possibly a husband and technically adept enough to transfer the images to their computer.

You do need to be experienced in using remote-control aircraft, so don't get it if you're not, or think you won't be able to learn then I wouldn't recommend it.

That aside, think how cool it would be to be able to take pictures from up to 1000 feet up (or even 20ft over the garden fence!). You may have to keep an eye on you teenage sun during bikini time thinking on it...

Radio Control Digital Camera Plane

Radio Control Digital Camera Plane

Fly this radio control plane into the air and take digital photographs for a birds-eye view of the world.

  • Takes 26 digital pictures by radio control while flying
  • AWACS appearance
  • 55" wingspan
  • Twin, electric-ducted fan jet engines
  • Simple thrust vector steering control
  • Push button camera control
  • 1,000-foot flying range
  • Additional rechargeable flight battery included
  • Includes home and auto chargers
  • E-Z Launch Takeoff System ensures expert launches
  • Easy for beginners and fun for experienced flyers
  • Digital camera is Windows compatible
  • Care instructions: Read before using
  • 3-month manufacturer's warranty
Safety warning: This product contains small parts that may present a choking hazard for young children.

Wish I had one!

Friday, November 16, 2007

This Week's Top-selling Toys at Wal-Mart

Step2 LifeStyle Custom KitchenHere is the latest in our occasional series on the top selling toys at This should give us a good indicator of the hottest toys for Christmas and the Holiday season.

  1. Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen
  2. KidKraft Kitchen
  3. Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage
  4. FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Animatronic Parrot
  5. FurReal Friends Pony, S'mores
  6. Hasbro FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony
  7. Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Doll
  8. Air Hogs Glow in the Dark Havoc Heli Laser Battling Set
  9. Torpedo Digital Projector
  10. Little Tikes Buildin' to Learn Workshop
FurReal Friends have three of the top 10 spots and the top two gifts are kitchens. It'll be interesting to see how this changes as we get closer to Christmas.

For more gift ideas you can: go to my website Bright Gift Ideas, go to Gift Guides USA for a comprehensive collection of gift guides, or for coupon codes, discounts and free shipping offers go to Great Online Deals.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition - The Big Christmas Gift?

T.M.X.This holiday season sees an enhancement of last year's big gift T.M.X. Elmo.

T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition has all of the features of the original T.M.X. Elmo, plus even more extra-special features — including hidden silly surprises that can only be discovered when kids play, pose and tickle Elmo in the right sequence. The key is to find the right combination of movements to activate the fun, clues will be provided to help. Elmo comes with the first clue card which says: "A silly surprise can be found. Something with a musical sound! Just lift Elmo's arm straight in the air. Then find his belly and tickle him there!".

There are a number of hidden surprises that can be found - if you have problems I'm sure there is a forum on the Internet...

The following video shows T.M.X Elmo eXtra Special Edition in action!

Fisher Price T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition

Christmas Gifts For Toddlers

Christmas Gifts For Toddlers - Christmas Gifts For Toddlers That Are Top Rated

By Hope Pope

Here are top rated Christmas gift ideas for toddlers...

1. Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box - Play Food

Product Description: "Kids love hearing the realistic "crunch" as they slice their way through this value-packed food set! This smooth-sanded, solid wood set in beautiful colors features a cutting board, knife, and 8 food items with 29 pieces!"

Recommended Age: 3 - 6 years

2. Radio Flyer Discovery Wagon

Product Description: "RADIO FLYER ALL-TERRAIN DISCOVERY WAGON 44 x 22 x 23 - Largest capacity plastic stake wagon - Side and end panels easy to remove and install - Super large volume storage compartment that holds one dozen 12 oz. cans - Molded-in cup holders - accommodate cans, cups, or juice boxes - Extra-long handle for easy pulling - Handle folds flat for easy storage - Real rubber tires for a quiet ride - Radio Flyer exclusive"

Recommended Age: 18 months - 6 years

3. Littlest Pet Shop Whirl Around Playground

Product Description: "When your pets need to let off a little steam, this Whirl Around pet playground has something for every energy level. At the tippy-top is a wind-up tree house swing set that twirls two pets on swings and two more riding in the tree canopy. A curvy slide sends pets zipping down to the bottom on a sled. At ground level, there is an obstacle course that kids can race pets through using the sliding lever and a merry-go-round that spins three pets at a time. For pets that need a rest, an elevator takes them up to a second-story café or a hammock suspended between the two buildings beckons them for a snooze. All pets are fitted with a magnet in one foot, which allows them to hang onto the sled, swing, merry-go-round, or obstacle course and roots them to the hammock and other perches throughout the playground. This playset comes with two pets-a puppy with sunglasses and a mouse-and several accessories, including a bed, sled, and food dish. When play is done, this set folds up for storage or to travel to a friend's house."

Recommended Age: 4 - 8 years


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Monday, November 12, 2007

Great Christmas Gifts For Children

Great Christmas Gifts For Children

By Jeffrey Meier

It seems finding the perfect Christmas gift gets harder every year and buying for children are no exception. The biggest problem with buying for children is their lists can be extensive and costly. So, finding a good present for them will take a little work but can be done if you follow some simple rules.

Video games are probably one of the hottest gifts for children in today's world. There are three different kinds of game systems that you can buy right now. Nintendo makes the Nintendo Wii. Some of the characters that are associated with this game system are Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. The Xbox360 is made by Microsoft and some of it's most popular games are Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto.

Sony Playstation 3 is the newest entry from Sony Corporation and have a list of many characters and titles. No matter which game system you have their will be a video game that will cater to whatever your child interests are. This is the main reason video games are very popular gifts.

One item that more people are going back to are traditional gifts. Traditional gifts can consist of Dump trucks, trains, and hot wheel cars. For girls the traditional favorites are still Barbie dolls, jewelry, and games. Traditional gifts are still extremely popular with parents and children.

Electronics is popular across the board and children are no exception. Kids love MP3 players along with CD players and boom boxes. Electronics is something that continues to be popular with children and it looks like that won't stop anytime soon either.

Gift Cards in recent years have really been getting popular. Gift Cards let children go out and pick what they want instead of parents or grandparents buying them something they don't want. This solves the problem of what to get children and it let's children get exactly what they want. It's a win-win situation for both.

Build it kits have seen a big resurgence in recent years. Build it kits are where you build a certain item. It could be a leather wallet or a solar cell battery. These kits give kids something to occupy their time, and they learn how to do something. Kids love these as once they complete the kit they feel very important as they have accomplished something. It gives them confidence and they are most likely to try something else later down the road. Parents love that a lot.

Gifts for children vary greatly depending on what kind of hobbies your children have. The more you know about your children the better idea you will have on what they will like. Every year their will always be the hot toys that children want. For the most part if you stay with the staples that children love than you can't ever go wrong. Over time children will change their values and ideals, but for the most part it really does stay the same. As long as you don't deviate from that you should do fine when it comes to Christmas gifts.

Jeffrey Meier of Jam727 Enterprises at offers information articles on a wide variety of subjects including Christmas Gifts at

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Watch Videos of Toys Before You Buy

Worried about whether they will like a particular toy? Not sure how big it is, or how it works? Want to browse the biggest-selling toys but don't want to go to the store?

You're in luck! Amazon have just introduced The Holiday Toy List where you can watch the biggest toys in action!

You can also refine your search by using categories based on age, gender etc.

Check out the Holiday Toy List today!

And don't forget that Amazon have a great selection of gift guides for everyone!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Four Video Games for Younger Players

There are lots of games aimed at the adult market that seem to get most of the marketing dollars. This article highlights four video games that are suitable for younger players.

WidgetBucks - Trend Watch -

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Best Toys and Gifts to Make Kids Smart

What Are The Best Toys And Gifts To Make Kids Smart?

By Chacha Tumbokon

A kid's eyes shine bright while opening his present. When he sees that his presents are clothes, his bright eyes suddenly turn dim. Kids are not known for hiding their disappointment. But give them a toy as a gift, and you'll see a display of appreciation that could warm the cockles of any gift-giver. It seems that instinctively, kids prefer something that will engage his mind, not just something that will make him look good. But not all toys or gifts are equal. There are those that engages him for a long time, and those that amuse him for just a few hours, and then forgotten.

Educational gifts get your child's attention for a longer time, as they feed his or her stimulation-hungry mind. More importantly, the impact of the best educational gifts lasts a lifetime. These gifts give him a head start in reading, math and science. They develop his love for learning, the most important attitude to make your kid grow up smart. A great educational gift even triggers what will be your kid's lifelong passion.

Because of the internet, you do not have to waste time and energy going through the mall looking for the best educational gifts. You could shop right in your bedroom in your pajamas!

The following are the top 10 educational toy and other unique educational gift ideas that you can find on the internet:

1. Educational Toys

The best toys and gifts are those that make your child learn while he is having fun. This way, learning happens while he plays. And the more he plays, the more he learns! Make sure that the toy you give is appropriate for his age and gender, and that it is safe. Avoid toys that can only be played with one or two ways. The more activities a kid can do with a toy, the better it is. For younger kids, find one that can be opened, closed, twisted, pulled, dragged, formed, changed, preferably all at the same time. For older kids, the best toys are those that stimulate the imagination.

2. Hobby and Science Toys

Brilliant engineers, inventors and mechanics get their beginnings from tinkering with toys when they were kids. Chemists begin by mixing stuff and biologists play with their ant farms. Hobby Toys help your kid discover his lifetime passion by offering hundreds of educational toys that catches his interest. Examples are science projects, electronic kits, Lego Mindstorms and robot projects, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physics sets.

3. Nature Toys and Pets

Nature toys make your child explore the wonder and mystery of the world around him. These can make him eternally curious and thus be a lifelong learner. Examples are microscopes, telescopes, planetariums, and globes.

Pets are also great gifts. An aquarium can teach your kid about aquatic life, and kittens and puppies can be a great way to introduce your kid to love for animals. Seeds will fascinate your kid when he sees it grow into a plant. Who knows, your kid's appreciation of nature may be key to his being able to help save the planet in the future.

4. Personalized Gifts

Studies show that children learn when their activities are personalized. When they are a character on a book they read, they are fascinated and their minds open up. Personalized books, music, and toys also improve your child's self-confidence and positive view of himself.
Babies and kids will love hearing their OWN name sung in songs, printed in books, built with trains, or just hanging on the wall.

5. Computer Software and Games

The best educational software and fun and entertaining and helps your kid achieve success in school. They help build math, reading, and critical skills, as well as instill confidence, joy and excitement around learning. With the best educational software, your kid will beg to learn!
The best computer games are those that teaches him strategy and problem-solving, and not merely "fragging" the enemy. Although "fragging" the enemy is said to develop hand-eye coordination, some psychologist are concerned that the violent nature of these games can desensitize your child to hurt in others.

6. Magazine Subscriptions

Aside from books, magazines can be a great way to start kids off on a life-long passion for reading. Since magazines feature what is current and up-to-date, it is always interesting to your kid.

7. Puzzles and Board Games

Puzzles and games exercise the brain. And like any part of the body, the more exercise your kid's brain gets, the more powerful and tougher it becomes when faced with challenges. The best puzzles and board games teach your kid how to plan, decide, think and think through a difficulty. Board games, when played with friends or family, enhance social skills. He learns about taking turns, following rules and cooperating with teammates or opponents.

8. Musical Instruments

Many studies have proven that learning music has a profound effect on your kid's brain. Music is shown to increase IQ, improve school grades, and prepare your kid to learn the advanced concepts of math and science.

Most kids are interested in learning to play guitar, the drums, and the keyboard, although they may also want to take up the violin and brass instruments.

9. Educational Videos

Educational videos have proven beneficial to preschool and above kids. (Videos for kids aged 2 and below are more harmful than helpful) Kids who watch informative and educational shows as preschoolers tend to watch more informative and educational shows when they get older. They use TV effectively as a complement to school learning. On the other hand, kids who watch more entertainment program watch fewer informative programs as they get older. There are educational movies on the internet where kids of the "You Tube" generation not only watch, but also interact for a great learning experience.

10. Books

This list will not be complete without books! Books are and will always be your kid's brain's best friend. Among other benefits, reading builds the language neural connections in your kid's brain and expands his chain of knowledge.

Chacha Tumbokon studied Psychology and Early Childhood Development. Her expertise, experience and interest inspired her to create where she shares all kinds of information on raising smart kids based on key findings on brain research and child psychology.

You can find details about educational toys and gift ideas and where they can be found in the internet in

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Get Them What They Want? Or Surprise Them?

Some children make a huge list of what they want for Christmas, most of which you have no chance of affording. Others have no idea what they want but trust in Santa and you to deliver.

Watch Jeff Opdyke and his wife Amy discuss whether it's better to get them something off their wish list, or surprise them.