Wednesday, November 14, 2007

T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition - The Big Christmas Gift?

T.M.X.This holiday season sees an enhancement of last year's big gift T.M.X. Elmo.

T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition has all of the features of the original T.M.X. Elmo, plus even more extra-special features — including hidden silly surprises that can only be discovered when kids play, pose and tickle Elmo in the right sequence. The key is to find the right combination of movements to activate the fun, clues will be provided to help. Elmo comes with the first clue card which says: "A silly surprise can be found. Something with a musical sound! Just lift Elmo's arm straight in the air. Then find his belly and tickle him there!".

There are a number of hidden surprises that can be found - if you have problems I'm sure there is a forum on the Internet...

The following video shows T.M.X Elmo eXtra Special Edition in action!

Fisher Price T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition

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