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Yet Another Hottest Toys List

Yes, I know there are lots of lists around but I do think they are coming together with the Nintendo Wii, Webkinz and Transformers being the big toys this year. Lydia Quinn goes into a bit more detail than others on why this is so.

Hottest Toys and Games Of 2007

By Lydia Quinn

In years past, shoppers have trampled each other for the last Tickle Me Elmo doll or the latest video game console. So what are the hottest toys and games in 2007? Let's look at what's selling this year.

Nintendo Wii

The #1 toy this year isn't technically a toy. It's the Nintendo Wii video game system. The Wii is the latest console from Japanese maker Nintendo. Nintendo is known for quality of gameplay and the family friendliness of their game lineups, ease of use and game controls. The Wii is different from other video game systems, like the Sony Playstation and XBOX 360, mainly due to the controller. The controller is completely different from any other system available. The Wii controller consists of a remote that is motion sensitive, so that when you swing the remote like a tennis racquet, golf club or sword, you are controlling the character or action on screen. This type of controller is a major innovation and incorporates lots of physical movement into video games, where before there was virtually none. The Wii is also family friendly, with many games that kids and adults can play alone or together. In fact, the Wii has brought video gaming to the masses, where it's not uncommon to see whole families, spanning multiple generations playing a game of Wii tennis or bowling. In addition to the actual Wii video game system, there is no doubt that other hot items will include Wii games, including the massively popular and critically acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero III and Paper Mario. Still, probably the most popular Wii game of all, is free and comes with every Wii console system. That game is Wii Sports, and includes baseball, tennis, bowling, boxing and golf.

EyeClops Bionic Eye

This handheld magnifier is one of the biggest sellers this year. The Bionic Eye is basically a handheld device that magnifies and illuminates whatever you point it at and then transfers that image to your TV screen. It magnifies objects up to 200 times, so you can point it at just about anything and see even the tiniest details, including bugs, fabric, hair, food, and even your own skin.

Monopoly Here and Now Edition

While few families don't have a Monopoly game in their home, this isn't the classic version most people have. This is a completely updated version with new game pieces and new properties. Gone are the 4 railroads and in their place are major US airports. Gone are the utilities, they are replaced by cell phone and Internet companies. Gone are the shoe, old car and hat, all replaced by pieces like a jumbo jet, coffee mug and cell phone. In this Monopoly edition, the prices are all updated too, where Baltic Avenue used to be just $60, it's replacement, Texas Stadium is now $600,000. Sound like too much change? You'll be glad to know that the original Monopoly is still available.

VTech Kidizoom Camera

This digital camera made for kids has large rubberized grips on each side to make it easy for kids to hold and super easy to use controls. It can also take up to 120 photos or even up to 5 minutes of video footage. The camera can also be hooked up to a TV with included cables, so that you can view photos and videos on a big screen.


WebKinz are basically a stuffed animal, but what makes this stuffed animal different is its connection to the web, hence the name, WebKinz. Each plush critter comes with a special code that then allows the child access to an online game and community where they can create a virtual version of their WebKinz character and interact and play with other members.

Transformers Toys

The movie broke records earlier this summer, so understandably this increased interest in the original toys from the 1980's and also in the new versions of the toys. Favorite characters like BumbleBee and Optimus Prime are certain best sellers this year.

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