Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Name a Star After Your Child

Name a star at Star RegistryLooking for a unique gift for Christmas? How about naming a star after your child (or someone else's for that matter)? They won't already have anything like it, and it shows them how much they mean to you. International Star Registry has been naming stars for over 25 years and offer a range of packages. The way it works is this:

  • Choose which package you want to get - the "basic" one is great, it offers a certificate, a map with the star marked and a booklet on astrology. There are also packages with the certificate framed, and also the star chart framed.
  • You choose which constellation you want the named star to be in (you can even choose an area in that constellation)
  • Choose a name!
  • You can also get personalized jewelry or a doll or teddy bear - making it an extra-special gift!

It makes a great gift for any child who is interested in astrology, or science in general. They will treasure it for years to come.

You should realize that this is not recognized by the scientific community, and that the star is not actually owned by you. The star name is published in a book called "Your Place in the Cosmos".

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