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Children's Magazine Gift Ideas

Children's Magazine Gift Ideas
Author: Stephanie Larkin

Imagine giving a gift that will last longer than the wrapping. Giving one which inspires imagination and brings fun all year long. When you give a subscription to a children's magazine as a gift for Christmas, birthday or any other gift-giving occasion, you are giving a gift that renews itself with each new issue. One month may bring puzzles and games; another may send your lucky gift recipient on a trip through the Amazon jungles, African deserts or outer space. There are magazines aimed at every age group and to suit nearly any interest you - or the child in your life - can imagine. Choosing the right magazine subscription for the very special children in your life is as easy as following a few simple tips.

1.Choose a magazine that's aimed at the appropriate age group.

A magazine that's written for kindergarten age children won't hold much appeal for an eight year old. Likewise, a magazine that's aimed at pre-teens will go right over the heads of most six year olds. Don't go strictly on the age on the front cover, though. Some children are ready for real stories when others their age prefer picture stories. Remember that there is some overlap in ages between these groups and let your knowledge of the child guide your choice.

Ages 0-3 - Choose magazines with bright pictures and easy activities. There should be few, simple words and sentences and read-aloud stories. Try Wild Animal Baby, published by the National Wildlife Federation, or Babybug Magazine with read-aloud stories for children 6 months to two years, or Turtle, a classic magazine for babies and toddlers and their parents.

Ages 4-6 - Preschoolers are ready to start reading simple words on their own, but they still love to hear stories read aloud. Coloring pages and activity pages are a must in magazines for this age group. Also, by this age many children have started to develop specific interests and may enjoy magazines that highlight them. Highlights for Children has been around for decades, but it's still one of the top magazines published for this age group. Other choices for preschool to first graders include Cricket magazine, Humpty Dumpty magazine, and Disney and Me magazine from Disney.

Ages 7-9 - By second or third grade, children are ready to start reading on their own - and they want stories about real things that interest them. They still enjoy activity pages, but the editorial content of the magazine becomes more important. Look for colorful, fun and engaging artwork and informative stories with a fun slant to them. A great choice for this age group is Nickelodeon magazine.

Ages 10-13 - The split between magazines for boys and magazines for girls becomes really evident at this age. Even so, there are plenty of magazines that both boys and girls will love, including National Geographic Kids and Dig magazine.

Ages 14+ - Many popular adult magazines have made a foray into publishing for the "young adult" category - teens from about age 14. This is the age where special interest really comes into play, but there are still more general magazine choices for this age group. For boys, Boys Life is a perennial favorite, but Sports Illustrated for Kids is currently extremely popular.

Magazines for girls have come a long way since Seventeen. While that magazine is still going strong, it's joined by Discovery Girls magazine, Cosmo Girls, Girls' Life and many more.

2.Choose a magazine that is geared to a child's interests.

In a child's early years, most children have not developed specific interests. By age six or so, though, many children already have started to explore specific interests. Many of the most popular children's magazines focus on interests like history, travel, wildlife and the creative arts. If you're looking for a gift for a child over five, let their interests guide you.

Animals and Wildlife

National Geographic and the National Wildlife Federation both publish a stepping stone series of magazines aimed at different age levels. Your Big Back Yard, Ranger Rick, National Geographic for Kids and Zootles are just a few of the many magazines aimed at children of different ages that focus on animals and the worlds in which they live.

Science and Technology

Like many adults, kids are fascinated by science and technological things. Magazines about explorers and inventors, space and archaeology can spark a lifelong interest and love that eventually becomes a career - or remains a fascination forever. When you give a gift subscription to a magazine like Dig, Muse (from the Smithsonian Institute) or Odyssey, you may be opening the door to new worlds that will engage your children for the rest of their lives.

Social Studies (History and Culture)

Bring history and culture to life for your children with a gift subscription to a magazine that explores the lessons of history or the impact of culture in stories and articles that they can understand and enjoy. There are a number of kids magazines that focus on historical personalities and events, including Cobblestones (ages to 8 years), Learning Through History (ages 7-14) and Calliope (5th to 10th graders).


Is your child a young writer? Children love to see their own works in print. Some of the best children's magazines are those that accept and publish only submissions from other children. Check out the magazine New Moon (for girls ages 8-14).

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