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German Toys for Kids - Make the Right Gift Decision

Do you have a difficult time figuring out what to get your kids for birthday this year? Well, here is an idea selection of german toys for you to keep handy that might avoid that last gasp rush to the shops. All of the following are ideas for quality German made gifts, which for sure will be treasured and enjoyed. For the sake of simplicity here, we have arranged the German toys in age ranges.

For babies up to 1 year

In the first few months, it is important to give the baby lots of colorful things to see and feel or to listen to soft music. Items such as activity quilts, or little stuffed animals - but be sure they do not have button noses and eyes - soft dolls, toys for the bath, baby swings or books made completely from cloth.

"Sterntaler" is a successful German manufacturer of good quality clothes, toys and pieces both for babies and for young children. You will find that they produce a wide range of stimulating and appropriate gifts even for the youngest baby.

"Haba", a company long associated with high caliber wooden toys made from germ-free European maple and beech wood, offers toys which will captivate and enchant the children whilst, simultaneously, building their confidence. Take a particular look at their delightful pull along toys, or their specially produced soft building blocks.

For children aged from 1 to 3 years

By now, the baby will be a toddler and constantly wants to run, jump, climb, explore and generally discover the surrounding world. Try to find a toy that will fit in with these activities or, perhaps, some of the basic building toys to develop their hand-to-eye coordination skills.

More than seven million "Big" Bobby Cars have been sold worldwide and it is easy to see why this push-powered vehicle has developed into one of the world's leading toys. Little kids love the 'grown-up' feeling they get steering their "Big" Bobby cars around the room or the garden.

Then there is the specially designed walking bike, the "LikeaBike" - a confidence-developing wooden toy that kids love. It develops the kids balance and motor skills, whilst preparing them safely for their first bike a little while later.

For children aged from 3 to 5

Children now start to be much more imaginative and creative. They can also learn to play with others in small groups. It is possible now to get them gifts that they can share with their friends.

One of the most justifiably famous German brands of toys of excellence is the "Playmobil" range, providing the child with lots of opportunity to use their own imagination and create 'a world of their own'. The most popular items in this range include the "Playmobil" Airport, the farm, the zoo - even the "Playmobil" Pirates. A "Playmobil" gift will ensure the children remain entranced for hours, developing their scenarios, either alone or with a playmate.

The German "Spiegelburg" company produces a host of items in the Princess Lily range - originally known as "Prinzessin Lillifee". Many little girls have their Princess Lily collection - full of dolls, books, bags, stickers, and all the paraphernalia of a princess' life. If you know that your 'little princess' already collects these things, then you know that a Princess Lily gift will result in squeals of delight. Moreover, if she does not already have any Princess Lily - then you can start her off and make gift buying so much easier the next time around! Some girls keep these collections for years.

For children aged from 5 to 7

Now that children are at school and their bodies and minds are developing rapidly, you can usually find gifts for them which coincide with the interests they have already developed - in sports, music, art or whatever specific area they have become interested in.

If you are unaware of any particular interest, though, then "Ravensburger" can provide you with a wide range of distinctive toys and craft items. For instance, "Ravensburger" have a particular claim to fame for the excellence of their puzzles and craft kits, which really will delight kids of all ages and help develop their dexterity, concentration and spatial awareness. They even have a puzzle containing, unbelievably 18,240 pieces, for the complete puzzle aficionado.

German Toys - will be valued and played for a long time

Whatever german toy you decide upon, you can be reassured by the knowledge that, by selecting a quality made German gift, you are giving something, which will be valued, and played with, for a long time.

Gabriela Rupp is a successful webmaster and publisher of the Best German Gifts Guide. She is born in Germany, lives there for more than 4 decades and provides expert advice and reviews of all the major brands and hidden gems from Germany.

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