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Retired Webkinz - The Complete List Revealed

Retired Webkinz - The Complete List Revealed

By Goldman Stone

Does your local gift store still seem to have the same old Webkinz sitting on the shelf? You just may want to take a closer look once you've read this story.

Retired Webkinz Cheap: I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who is an avid ebay seller and she told me the most incredible account of a recent Webkinz purchase she had made. A few months back she walked into a local store and noticed the shopkeeper marking down a bunch Webkinz toys. The strange thing was that most of them were identical and the shopkeeper was marking everything down to get rid of them as they had these in back of the store for quite some time.

The shopkeeper commented that they just weren't selling many (although the store wasn't even advertising that they carried Webkinz) and they wanted to just get rid of them. What the shopkeeper didn't realize was that these were the retired Webkinz Cheeky Cat and Cheeky Dog!

In fact, there were nine of them total, and being an astute shopper my friend generously offered to by all of them for an additional bulk discount and take them off the shopkeepers hands. Flash forward a few months that $80 purchase turned into over $2,000 in sales on ebay! And after sharing this story with a few close friends, I'm finding that this scenario commonly replays itself around the country every day, so make sure to keep you eyes open for what's hot and you just may find yourself at the right place at the right time.

Here's the List of Retired (and Rare) Webkinz to Watch for:

Tip: It's important to make sure that the code for the Webkinz you are buying has NOT been used. A Webkinz with a used tag code is not worth nearly as much! Plus, you need to be careful of flea market knock-off products too. Best bet is to buy from a legitimate trusted retailer, and if buying on ebay, someone with a solid level of good feedback selling Webkinz.

So next time you are at that little shop around the corner and you see that a bin full Webkinz, keep this list in mind, you just may find a diamond in the rough.

For more information check out Retired Webkinz for Sale or look them up on ebay.

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