Friday, February 1, 2008

Hannah Montana Dance Mat

Hannah Montana Dance Mat Review
By Susane Dean

As you probably already know if you're reading this article, this dance mat has been sold out all over the country because of the recent "Hannah Montana fever" currently in full swing. I purchased this for my daughter for Christmas. She also has the older version of the dance mat. Here is my review of both products - both the new version with the wig and dvd and the old version, without the wig. There's also a link for where to get these hard-to-find items at the end of the article.

The New Version Features And Price:

The new version is the one that is flying off of stores right now. It features a blond Hannah wig, a microphone and the mat itself, which lights up. The premise of this toy is that the kids can learn dance moves to three Hannah Montana songs: "Who Said?," "Best Of Both Worlds" and "This Is My Life. " Dancing instructions appear on an included DVD and teach dance moves to the songs.

I want to say right off do not expect the wig to be the quality that you see Hannah wearing on TV. It isn't, but it's good enough to get the effect kids want. Also, your child will probably not be dancing like a professional dancer at the end of a play session, but your child will learn moves to Hannah songs. Kids basically just want to learn how to dance for the new Hannah movie or a Hannah concert and the Hannah Montana Mat accomplishes this while they have fun. The price of the new version mat is about $35 retail.

The Older Version Features And Price:

The older version does not have the wig included, but I would argue that the quality of the actual product is a bit better and the product will last a longer time. It plays the same songs as the newer version, but the lights and music sync better with the numbers on the mat. I honestly find this one more user friendly for younger kids. This one is very hard to find, but I think I like it better than the first.

All in all, my daughter loves both dance mats. She's a 7 year old little girl who just wants to dance and have fun. She doesn't expect she will dance just like Hannah. I love the fact that it gets her off the couch and she gets some exercise. Would I buy them again? Absolutely.

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