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Outlook on New Webkinz For 2008

Outlook on New Webkinz For 2008
By Joe Moz

Every year the Ganz company releases a variety of new Webkinz pets. Some of these pets go on to be retired shortly thereafter, others stick around for awhile. Post-retirement, some pets will appreciate in value considerably.

For 2008 there are a number of new Webkinz releases on the horizon, some already released into the market. This article will outline the known new releases as of the first quarter and forecast which Webkinz will be most in demand.

We have already seen some new releases hit the market for early 2008 including the highly anticipated seasonal Webkinz Love Frog. New for Valentine's Day, this February release will be very popular. If the Love Puppy is any indication, the Love Frog could become quite valuable in the future.

New webkinz that are already out or coming out soon include:

  1. Love Frog
  2. Schnauzer
  3. Black and White Cheeky Dog
  4. Black Poodle
  5. Duck
  6. Grey Arabian Horse
  7. Grey Wolf
  8. Himalayan Cat
  9. Kangaroo
  10. Pink and White Cat
  11. Tie Dye Frog
  12. Velvety Elephant

January also saw the release of the Webkinz figurines.

Expected New Webkinz releases for March include the Snake, Tiger, and Brown Dog.

Given the past price performance of the previously released "Cheeky" pets, it is expected that the Black and White Cheeky Dog will rise in value after retirement. Other plush that are predicted to remain in demand and see values go up are the Schnauzer, Kangaroo, and Pink and White Cat. These predictions are based on interest and resale performance following intial launch.

In conclusion, there are many new Webkinz in 2008 that should make it a great year for the Webkinz enthusiast.

Joe Moz writes for, a rapidly growing website for finding deals on new Webkinz and retired Webkinz.

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