Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are Webkinz Really the Best? Or Just Hype?

Webkinz are the latest toys in the market and kids simply love them. They are not just stuffed toys as with their code comes a new world to escape into - the Webkinz World. Here you can adopt and then take care of your adorable furry pet as it comes alive. Interactive sessions through games make them even more likeable; gaining them huge popularity world wide. Like always, some pets have come out as favorites and the top three pets chosen by consumers are Webkinz Black and White Panda Plush which is at number one, followed by Webkinz Googles and in third place is the Webkinz Beagle.

1. Webkinz Black and White Panda Plush

This plush stuffed animal is priced at $11.99. It is a highly adorable animal with its various fabrics and surprisingly available in both beanie and cotton stuffed variants. Its size is around seven and a half inches. Unlike other Webkinz pets this one's secret code is not attached to the ankle but is found around the arm with which you can access Webkinz World. The age suggested by the toy makers is between 3-7 year olds.

2. Webkinz Googles

Another hit among the Webkinz animals is the Webkinz Googles which are about 8 inches long and priced at only $9.99. You are sure to fall in love with this extraordinarily shy pet with its funny beak and cute little webbed feet. Living deep in the forest and near ponds these creatures are extremely mysterious and perfect for kids. However it is not recommended for those under 3 years.

3. Webkinz Beagle

This newest addition to the Webkinz dog collection is a must have making it top the charts. This cute 10" long white and brown stuffed dog is priced at $13.00. It is the perfect interactive pet and a must have for all dog lovers. 3 -7 year olds will thoroughly enjoy the Webkinz Beagle.

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