Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Cowboy Birthday Party for Children

Are you planning a birthday party for your child or grandchild? Do you want it to be special and fun? Are you at a loss for ideas? Do you have a large group of people attending but are limited on what you can spend?

Below are some great ideas for a cowboy or cowgirl birthday party.

1. Invitations-Cut out the form of a barn in white paper. Make sure you have a barn door on the front, center bottom of the barn. Take a picture of your child dressed in a cowboy or cowgirl costume to later glue inside the barn doors. Cut an opening in the center of the barn doors. Next, cut a piece of deep red card stock in half, fold them in half, then glue the barn onto the face of each red card stock. Glue the picture of your child on the inside of the barn door.

You can write on the front of the card in black marker, "Howdy Partner" "You're invited to". Then on the inside write, "You are invited to our little cowboy's birthday party". Add where, when and time. Lastly put, "Come and enjoy some good old fashioned chili and corn bread. Dress-up your cowboy or cowgirl for a Western picture and tell him (or her) they'll have a rootin, tootin time. Hope to see y' all there".

2. Costumes-Most party stores have plastic cowboy hats and handkerchiefs that children can wear. They both cost around $1.00-$2.00. If you want a full costume for your child, you can purchase it through costume companies.

3. Food-A large pot of Chili can feed a big crowd with minimal cost. Add delicious corn bread, birthday cake and ice cream. For the children, serve pork and beans and hot dogs.

4. Decorations-Decorate the table with a red and white checkered table cloth. The cake can be decorated in white frosting. Purchase plastic horses, and fences. Use green frosting for grass, frost two corners of the cake with the green frosting and place the horses and fences in each corner. Decorate the center of the table with blue, red and orange balloons to keep with the cowboy scheme.

5. Entertainment-Have the movie "Toy Story" playing out of the way of the large group to keep children entertained. Also, for small children, parents may bring rocking horses they can play on.

6. Games-Cowboy bean bag toss and a large cowboy poster with the head of a cowboy cut out. Have each child take turns getting their picture taken with their head in the cut out circle. Later place the picture on a wanted poster (small, long envelope size) and mail to each child.

7. Party Favors-Purchase miniature brown paper bags and raffia from Target or a party store for little goodie bags. Also, purchase miniature bubble bottles. Place a copy of the picture you took for the invitation into the slit on the bubble bottles. Lastly, add candy or other fun items in the bags with the bubbles. Hole punch two holes at the top and tie with beige raffia. As each child leaves, give them a goodie bag and a sheriff's badge. (Badges can be purchased at either Target or a party store)

Not only will the children at the party have a great time, but the children will be so entertained that it affords parents an opportunity to mix and mingle. This will be a memorable experience for everyone.

Some other fun party themes could be the following: pirate, fireman, super hero, warrior, soldiers, magician, Barbie, princess, fairy, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Disney Themes. Be creative and have a lot of fun planning birthday parties for your children.

--La Donna Jensen, co-owner Aaron's Online Boutique, owner of Network Marketing Income, Internet entrepreneur, 20 years marketing and sales, author.

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