Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Best First Teddy Bear For Your Child

My first teddy bear was Gund teddy bear. Gund teddy bears come in blue, pink and cream and I can still remember how super soft my teddy was. Embroidered right above the teddy's heart was, "My First Teddy", with a satin ribbon that goes around the neck in the shade of the bear's color. If you are looking for a teddy bear by Gund for your child, the most popular size is 12 inch, which is just the right size for your baby to hold and cuddle with.

Other First Teddy Bears To Consider For Your Child

Very colorful teddy bear that babies love to look at is Baby's My First Thermal Pastel Bear. It is very light in weight and is made of thermal. When he your child gets a hold of this teddy bear it'll rattle every time he moves it and that will add hours and hours of giggling from your baby.

For your newborn, excellent teddy bear gift is Breathe Easy Teddy Bear by Asthma Friendly, especially since this teddy bear is asthma friendly. Besides their asthma friendly quality these little teddy bears are soft and friendly and your baby is sure to snuggle up to this little guy every night.

Geared up more for an infant is Nursery Rhyme Pal Pat-a-Cake Bear and trust me when I tell you they'll love it just the same, no matter the age your child is. Just push the buttons on your little teddy bear to make him sing to your little one and watch his face as he listens to it. You can expect your baby to start singing right along with the bear in no time at all.

The Cashmerino Baby Bear has its own cashmere sweater that comes off easily. The bear is made out of cashmere yarn, which is extremely gentle on baby's skin. The bear has sewn in eyeballs, but don't worry they will not hurt your baby. This gorgeous bear comes in 23 different shades, which means that there won't be a single teddy bear like him at the baby shower.

If your are struggling to put your baby to sleep, then Womb Sounds Mommy Bear can do the trick. When your baby was inside your tummy all the baby heard was your heartbeat. Now all of a sudden the baby hears everything around him. For some babies this is not an issue, however it can be very frightening for other babies. The Womb sounds bear helps in a way that it actually mimics the sound of a heart beating. Once you place the Womb bear inside the crib near your child it will help your child to calm down and fall asleep.

Another excellent first teddy choice for your baby is Blanket teddy bear. Blanket teddy bears are small fleece blankets that have a teddy bear attached from the arms up. The blanket bottom is made out of satin, which makes it soft enough for your baby to chew on.

These seven teddy bears described above will all make great pals with your newborn. Be sure you get a ton of shots of your child with his favourite toy. When the time comes, you can store his teddy bear for safekeeping.

If you would like to search for more teddy bear choices for your child, a great number of teddy bear types can be found on the "Ultimate Site For Teddy Bear Lovers". Besides teddy bear types you can also learn almost anything you want to know about teddy bears.

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