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10 Best Christmas Gifts For 2008

Looking for the best Christmas gifts for 2008 is a common experience as the year advances and we start to approach the holiday season. There are some easy buys that readily spring to mind, such as Christmas decorations, gift baskets, and Christmas cards. However, to really stir your imagination, here is a list of best selling gifts that has been researched with some of the largest retail stores.

1. Bakugan Battle Pack

A strategic game that is based on the TV series "Bakugan Battle Brawlers". For kids 4 and above, they pit a variety of warriors against each other and score points. The plastic spheres used burst open to disclose warrior apparatus that is truly fearsome.

2. Fisher-Price Elmo Live

A cuddly version of the Sesame Street character, Elmo. He's been designed to entertain kiddies from the age of 18 mths with his antics. These include singing, talking, telling jokes, moving his mouth as he talks, sitting, and more. Easy to activate, such as squeezing a toe or tickling his tummy. The little ones love it!

3. Wild Planet Hyperdash

Combines simple maths with physical exercise and uses a race-course game that moves along quickly. It's an exciting and fun way of helping kids to improve their listening and math skills, as well as their coordination. It's easy to set up and suits children aged six and above.

4. Lego City Advent Calendar

There are 196 pieces, including accessories and figures (such as a fireman), for building fun as your child creatively develops structures. See how the fire fighter manages to rescue the cat from a tree! For ages five upwards.

5. Vtech - Kidizoom Digital Camera

Designed for children 3 years old or more, this camera takes real pictures and is easy for little hands to use. There is also child level software included for simple photo-editing. It is rugged, has special grips and allows two-eye viewing. Encourages creative play.

6. Blokus Classic

Although designed for kids aged five or more, this strategy board game (using special tiles) will also appeal to older children and adults as it calls upon spatial thinking and invites you to block your opponent's moves. On the other hand, the bright colors and simple rules will easily attract the little ones.

7. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Encourages the Picasso within and offers freedom of expression with a large chalkboard, a paper roller that is easy to load, and a dry-erase board. Invites endless hours of doodling, sketching, and drawing as well as painting. has an adjustable height and suits ages 4-10 years.

8. Bakugan Battle Arena

This is an accessory for the strategic game listed above that is based on the "Bakugan Battle Brawlers" TV series. Children aged four and above earn points in a black "Battle Arena" as they roll their plastic Bakugan onto magnetic cards. This addition helps to make the game feel more "professional" and offers extra fun to those who love to play this game.

9. Leapfrog Leapster

A hand held gaming system that uses a video game format as a teaching tool. There are different game templates which are not only entertaining - they also have a learning component. The toy offers recognizable movie and TV characters who engage users in a game as they learn language skills as well as math and reading.

10. Playskool Tonka

This is both an r/c vehicle and a racing car which is "driven" by youngsters handling a wireless controller. The vehicle goes over obstacles, flips, and rushes forwards and backwards. With a soft body and over-sized tires, floors, walls and feet are safe! The remote control is friendly to toddlers (up to the size of dads!).

This list is based on actual sales and demonstrated demand for products in stock during the period leading up to Christmas.

Children are probably the driving force behind the demand for much of the shopping which is done at Christmas. Our desire to please, entertain and educate the young is a key reason we empty our wallets and purses so readily at this time. The list above of possibly the 10 best Christmas gifts for 2008 will help considerably to make your shopping expedition less of a task and more joyful.

For a more detailed guide to Christmas shopping for all ages, including mums and dads, as well as the best deals available, check out Christmas Gifts or see the list available at:

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