Friday, November 14, 2008

Best Selling Christmas Toys For Girls

What are this year's best selling Christmas toys for girls? With this list you will get a complete Christmas guide for your girl. No need to run around the mall trying to think of the perfect gift.

Let's see:

If your little girl is aged from a few months to two years, this year's hottest toys are the ones that have a lot of lights and melodies, like Little Superstar Sing-Along. While looking at herself in the mirror, she will enjoy various sounds that start to play when buttons are pressed. With five different songs, she will be able to sing along or dance to the music. Another best selling toy is a chair with a bouncing pad which rotates 360 degrees. While playing with stalk toys, spinning balls, butterflies and caterpillar shaped beads, your girl will learn how develop leg coordination.

If your girl is aged from two to four years, the best gift to give her this year is a digital camera, specially created for little girls to easily document her adventures. It comes with a simple-to-use photo editing software, so she can add creative touches to her pictures. Another best selling Christmas gift is a Ponyville Playset. What girl doesn't like ponies and amusement parks? With this playset, she will entertain herself for hours with this pink-themed amusement park.

If your girl is aged from five to seven years the absolute hottest toy this year is a realistic FurReal puppy. Biscuit responds to six different commands, he can also give paw and ask for a treat. With a soft fur and glossy eyes, your girl will love having her own puppy. If she likes to play video games, she will definitely love the Barbie Fashion Show video game. Now she can become a fashion designer, with her own fashion line. There are lots of outfits and accessories so the possibilities are endless.

If your girl is aged from eight to eleven years and likes music, she will love the Hanna Montana acoustical guitar, specially designed for little girls. This year video games are very popular. Any game, where they get to sing, or dance is hot this year. Maybe she would enjoy recruiting her own cheerleader team to win the cheerleading tournament.

Older girls, aged 12+ years will love interactive video games like Wii Fit, a new cell phone or a new mp3 player. If she likes to read, the most popular gift this year is the new wireless reading device with over 190 000 electronic books available. I'm sure have already heard of it.

Since we have busy lives, there has never been easier to shop online than today. Online shopping can save you a great deal of time and stress, so I suggest you do it too this year. To avoid endless queues and a possibility of toys running out of stock, do your Christmas shopping earlier this year. To get a complete best selling Christmas toys list, go here: and save yourself a lot of time and stress that this time of year usually brings.

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