Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Elmo Live Makes a Great Christmas Gift

elmo liveOctober 13th, 2008 marked the arrival of Elmo Live; the dancing, rapping and storytelling animatronic doll that'll be burning up retail this holiday season! We've thoroughly evaluated his MC skills, jokes and hugging ability. He's a really fun little animatronic dude, at least for a short little while. Elmo has four touch sensitive buttons that allow you to touch his foot, back, nose and stomach- and he does different things depending on where you press. It's good to see that Elmo still raps, and his instant classic "Elmo's gotta get on up" is as head-bobbing as ever! When you touch him on his back, he says all kinds of insanely lovable things such as asking for hugs or asking you to scratch his itch, etc. In reality, Elmo can get downright clingy!

But is he really worth the $60 price tag? Or more realistically, the possible hundreds of dollars you'll spend buying him on eBay when supplies run out of stock? He's not as cuddly and interactive as previous Elmo's; and you'll mostly have to sit back after touching him and just let him do his thing. Despite all you may have seen of him, you might find yourself getting bored fairly quickly with him. The worst fact is that his motor skills are just as loud as his voice, which actually detracts from the fun in a big way.

On the plus side, most kids go absolutely nuts for Elmo! In this truly life-like creation of Elmo, for the first time ever, Elmo seems to actually be speaking as his mouth opens and closes just like the real live-action muppet, Elmo from Sesame Street!

Fisher Price has truly done it again, and created Elmo Live, an amazing animatronic Elmo that does it all! He dances, he sings and he even tells stories! Your kids will never run out of fun times with this Elmo! The most advanced Elmo robot ever created, this Elmo Live doll seems very similar to the real Sesame Street muppet character made legendary by Kevin Clash. Elmo Live's mouth moves up and down as his head bounces about complete with frantic arm waving that makes Elmo so hysterical to children and adults alike. He even crosses and uncrosses his legs between switching and standing as he entertains you and your family with cool songs and stories!

Elmo Live- Features

-Elmo Live Dances and sings while he tells interesting and fascinating stories and jokes, plays games with you and other interactive tricks.
-Elmo Live will automatically go to sleep when left unattended. This is to help save battery life.
-Elmo Live has a built-in tilt sensor. For example, if he falls, he will ask you to help him get back up.
-Elmo Live has touch sensors in his tummy, back, nose and left foot!
-Elmo Live features Animatronic style servos that animate his torso and shoulders. His legs have no movement actuators in them but they do appear to move when his torso lifts him in to standing position.
-When someone hugs Elmo, he says "Elmo loves you too" and "thank you"!
-When you squeeze Elmo's nose, you hear a honking sound, and Elmo stands up to sneeze.
-Elmo can even blow kisses!
-When Elmo falls over, he will ask , "Uh-oh! Elmo fell down. Can you help Elmo up? Once he is picked back up, he will say" Thank you. You're Elmo's best friend!"

With all the built-up hype, it's easy to see how this toy will be the hottest thing this Christmas! Experts estimate that this will be the IT toy of the 2008 holiday season. The good news? If you really want to get an Elmo Live, you can get it now!

Find out more about Elmo Live and where to get hold of this desirable toy in time for Christmas.

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