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Why Little Tikes Items Are Great Gifts For the Little Ones

It's Christmas time once again. The clock is ticking and soon, children all over the world will be waiting for midnight to strike and will try with all their might to stay awake to see Santa Claus deliver their rightful gifts.

With the deadline drawing nearer and nearer by the minute, people with children should be already prepared for the inevitable: Christmas Eve - and the look on their children's faces when they see what they've gotten as presents this year. Of course, no parent would want to see an unhappy kid, so those glossy paper-wrapped items under the Christmas tree best be worth a toothy grin or two.

Picnic on the Patio PlayhouseLittle Tikes Playhouses

When it comes to gifts, not only for the Christmas holidays but for every occasion all throughout the year, some of the most trusted choices are Little Tikes Playhouses. These outdoor playthings have become tradition in many families blessed with children.

As parents everywhere know, kids love to go outside and explore their environment. They want to be with their friends and play all sorts of games. But aside from children's predisposed and unstoppable desire to go out and play (luck is very much needed by any parent who wants to stop their kid from doing so), parents should know that there are actually a number of reasons why getting a Little Tikes Swing Set or a Little Tikes Slide is much better than getting the latest video game console for their kids.

As already mentioned, kids love to be with their friends. This is only natural, given the inherent social nature of man. Well, having a Little Tike Playhouse not only gives children a chance to be with other children, but it also allows them to develop their social skills, which are important if they are to have a normal, happy childhood.

Kids need to know how to handle peers as early as possible so that when they reach puberty, they can cope rather efficiently with the problems that plague that difficult stage. And soon (much sooner than parents hope), kids will grow older and become adults, and in order for them to survive this tough world we live in, they must be armed with properly developed mental, emotional and social skills.

Playing outside with their Little Tikes play sets also allow children to become exposed to nature. The fresh air they breathe as they go about their little business and create their own little world will make them stronger and healthier, and so will the sunshine they enjoy - as well as the occasional exposure to rain. These natural elements are essential in the development of children's immune system, which as we know is prone to being attacked by various viruses and bacteria.

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin BedLittle Tikes Race Car Bed

To make the Little Tikes experience complete, parents should also consider getting the Little Tikes Race Car Bed or the Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed. These must-haves can make a child's bedroom a wonderful haven for sleeping, a safe and warm refuge after all that playing in the winter snow this Christmas season - and every other night of the coming years.

These beds also make the transition from crib to the "big bed" a whole lot easier for parents and child alike. Your child will love to show off to there friends their new bed which will provide an ownership feeling making them want to sleep in their own bed.

Delight your child or grandchild with a wonderful surprise this Christmas morning or anytime during the upcoming year. Check out: Little Tikes Playhouses and while there check out the Little Tikes Race Car Bed.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Children's Gift Ideas For Christmas - What to Give

Christmas, the most awaited season of the year, is drawing near. As the holiday approaches, we get busier with what gifts we will be buying especially for children.

The most best-selling toys are from the most popular themes: cartoons, movies and other icons.
If you plan on surprising the youngsters with something worthwhile and meaningful, there will be a wide variety of gifts to choose from.

Hannah Montana "In Concert Collection" Deluxe Singing w/ "True Friend"Dolls never go out of style. For girls, it is always a must-have! Lots of new dolls have been made available in the market. Aside from the never-ending craze for Barbie dolls, Hannah Montana dolls are also one of the bestsellers this year. The singing Hannah Montana doll is one of the most sought after gifts little girls want this Christmas. Dolls are playthings kids can play and interact with in an educational manner.

Kids love something to cuddle in the middle of the night especially on a cold season such as Christmas. So, another thing that gets kids excited about is receiving a furry animal stuffed toy, especially those that are almost life-sized. Modern technology has advanced such toys into something mobile and almost alive! There are even robotic toys that can whine, move and react to talk or touch! This can be a great load of fun for kids.

Bakugan Battle Pack (Styles and Colors May Vary)As for boys, their eyes will shine with delight upon receiving a gift of Bakugan battle pack or a Transformers toy. These are action figures that have been derived from the popular anime series and movie. These will make your child recreate scenes and go role-playing, thus widening his imagination. Though they are becoming less preferred nowadays but a bicycle is an option you might still consider. This is one of the best gifts you could give to your child if he happens not to own one yet.

Monopoly City EditionTo enrich your child's intelligence and keen interest, it will be a wise choice to pick board games as a gift. Board games are gaining popularity again. They require thinking and skills which help develop your child's brain abilities. Aside from being educational, they also are enjoyable and entertaining which can be shared by the parents and the child. Monopoly City has upgraded to 3-D sets where you can build the perfect city with skyscrapers and infrastructures. This is an addicting game! Other new board games are Scrabble Diamond, Candy Land Castle game and so much more to choose from.

Actually, there is an astonishing selection of gifts for Christmas. It does not really matter what it would be. It is the thought that counts!

Sarah Stevens has been writing articles on a range of topics. Come and visit her latest website which provides information on selecting Brio Train Sets and discusses a variety of other Wooden Train Sets available plus a great deal more.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Toys For School Children

Sometimes it can be difficult to find Christmas toys and gifts for children which will help them develop the skills they need to succeed in school. Here are a few suggestions which may help.

Super Mario Brothers Chess

Combining chess with Mario Bros? What a great way to get kids playing one of the best learning games ever! Gorgeous painted pieces in a tin, featuring Mario, Luigi, 1-Up Mushroom, Birdo, Bowser Jr, Bowser, Daisy Goomba, Hammer Bros, Magikoopa, Princess Peach, Toad and Yoshi. This is the toy they are likely to still have when they grow up. For ages 7 to adult.

My Book of Number Games 1-70 & My Book of Number Games 1-150

These books are fantastic for teaching and reinforcing math concepts such as number recognition and sequences. The second book introduces double digit numbers. Perfect for first graders. Each page has two sides - one with a complex and challenging dot to dot puzzle which when solved reveals a beautiful picture. The other side is a picture which is completed by coloring numbers certain colors. Also great for fine motors skills. Very entertaining and definitely not your usual coloring books!

Trading Faces

A card game which teaches awareness of facial expressions and body language. The game is made up of a set of cards, each which name and illustrate an emotion. Players trade cards until one player has 3 of a kind. That player makes the emotion and the other players they to guess it. Winner of a Dr Toy award. For ages 6 to 8.

Meta-Forms: Logic in Shapes

This is a visual game which will challenge children from 5 to adult to use their logic skills and solve problems, which become more difficult as you progress. You place different colored and shaped pieces on a 9 square grid. Simple. No. Fun for all ages. Yes. A complex and satisfying game that is very enjoyable. Recommended.

SpringFree 12' Trampoline

My husband almost had a fit when I suggested we buy this. But he was very happy (and I was vindicated) when he saw amount of time our son and his friends have spent on it, well worth the investment. No springs means hands, feet and faces can't get trapped. The walls of the trampoline stop children flying off, but they are soft and seem to float next to it so there's nothing hard to hit or lean against. Nice to have a safe area where children can really get moving. Fabulous. Parents Choice award winner.

Alison Bennett

For more information on how to use learning toys for school children, and examples of toys, see Learning Toys Develop Your Child. website.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top 5 tips to avoid the ER from toy injuries during holidays and afterwards

This is a great checklist to make sure your little ones aren't hurt by any toys they receive this holiday season.

It covers things like age appropriateness, recall notices, checking with parents and monitoring your children when they play.

"According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there were an estimated 235,300 toy-related injuries treated in emergency rooms in 2008. Here are some useful toy safety tips from Malcolm Denniss, technical director for SGS Consumer Testing Services, to avoid the ER this holiday season:"
Top 5 tips to avoid the ER from toy injuries during holidays | Parents Talk Back | STLtoday

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mind Control or Skin Control? The Mindflex from Matel

The Mindflex strikes me as one of those games that are so cool but after a day and a half you're done with it.

The proposition is simple - use the power of your mind to control a ball going through a 3D maze.

In reality you use a head band that measures something (skin reaction, alpha waves, whatever) and then alters the air flow under a ball. The ball goes up and down as you turn an obstacle course.

The reviews on Amazon are mixed - some love it and some are disappointed it's not as cool as it sounds.

My view is that it is cool, but you should expect to use it with a group for the most fun, or get it out occasionally on family game night.

It has a rating of 3.7 stars on Amazon as of 11/4/09.

Here are some quotes from the reviews:

  • Great for my autistic son
  • Fun for kids, but not for adults
  • Mind bending fun Fun challenge for everyone
  • Great gift
  • Novelty value, not worth the money
  • Fun but only for a short time

You can read the reviews here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Top 10 Birthday Gifts For Girls

Kids love opening "real" presents-don't resort to offering a gift card for your next birthday gift. You can offer a fun present that your child (or a friend) will enjoy playing with, and get some other real benefits as well. Choose outdoor toys to encourage physical activity, or an art set to get the creative juices flowing. Consider bringing one of the following "girl" gifts to your next party:

1. Barbie with clothing: If you are at all crafty, you can knit, crochet, or sew a unique, one of a kind Barbie wardrobe. Looks for scraps of sparkly and embroidered fabrics or yarns to make your child's Barbie the best dressed on the block.

2. Sewing Machine: Choose a basic "grown up" sewing machine equipped with a simple zigzag and straight stitch for an older girl. Girls under 9 may prefer a child sized machine with the same functions. Include a basic sewing book and some fabrics to get her started. This is an "old fashioned" gift, but learning to sew and craft at an early age promotes both creativity and manual dexterity.

3. Salon Trip: Plan a mini salon day, including a haircut and style, and a simple manicure and pedicure. This is a great way to spend some one on one time with your daughter, no matter how old she is.

4. Sports Equipment: Sports are not just for boys! Most little girls will enjoy a t-ball set or similar item, and girls of all ages can play basketball or soccer. Playing sports builds confidence and fitness, and a child that enjoys sports will develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

5. Play House or Kitchen Set: Even young toddlers enjoy pretend play. If you provide your daughter with a pretend house or kitchen, you are providing her with the opportunity to play "pretend", and role play as well.

6. Bicycle, Skates, or Skateboard: Provide a fun way to get around, and add a matching helmet and safety gear as needed.

7. Cooking or baking set: Depending on your child's age, you can provide a "real" set of cooking utensils, and possibly some cooking lessons. If your child is interested, you can seek out classes in cake decorating, artisan breads, or other specialty items. This gift is not limited to girls-many boys enjoy cooking as well!

8. Art set: Assemble your own art set using a tackle box and basic art supplies. Include paint and brushes, paper, pastels, canvas, scissors, and other fine art supplies. You can also include a collapsible easel for your budding artist to work on.

9. Scrapbook Set: Select or make a scrapbooking kit, including an album, specialty papers, scissors, punches and stickers. Include an inexpensive camera, and your child can scrapbook using her own photos.

10. Petting Zoo party: If your child is the birthday girl, rent a petting zoo for the big day- hire a travel petting zoo for the day. These small businesses will set up in your backyard, and bring along a variety of kid-friendly animals for your child to meet and learn about. The best travel zoos include an "animal talk" as well, and let your child and her guests meet and learn about animals right in your own backyard.

Denise Sanger is the owner of which features a fantastic selection of outdoor toys including ride-on toys and battery ride on toys for girls. The company is located in Sunny Florida and may be reached 877-950-7665.

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Transformers Toys - 4 Reasons to Buy Transformers Toys Online

Following the huge success of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen film, many fans are running to the toy stores to buy their own transformers toys. But sadly, many fans were not able to buy what they wanted because many other fans beat them to it. It is really inconvenient to travel to the toy stores just to get the toys but would find out later on that they are already unavailable. Having said that, let me share to you the disadvantages of not buying toys from the internet.

1) You have to pay the gasoline to go to the toy stores. This is added expense from your pockets. Compare the ease of ordering online, your toys will be delivered right to your doorsteps.

2) Worse, when you arrive there, what you want to buy are no longer available. Now, that is a big hassle you don't want to get into. But if you are going to buy from the internet, you will know right away if they are in stock or not, saving you time and effort.

3) There is not much toys to choose from. Many toy stores only have limited stocks on certain items. If they are not yet available, they will tell you that stocks will be arriving in a few weeks or so, so you will spend time calling hotlines to check stocks or go to another toy store to check the availability. Unlike if you go online, the web is much more updated and you can check right away and select which to buy.

4) Believe me when I say, speaking from experience, that there are more discounts, more promos, and prices are lesser online compared to the ones in the stores, though not really that big difference, but consider the savings most especially if you buy bunch of items.

So get your own Transformers toys now before they run out of availability. You can purchase them online. Save yourself from a lot of hassle, money and time.

Now you can click here to find where to buy the toys and other merchandises for your kids.

David is a regular blogger who writes about movies, sports, TV episodes, TV shows, animation most especially like Marvel, DC, Transformers, and many more. Read his other blogs and articles to get updated with the latest news and trends.

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Top 5 Batman Begins Action Figures

Every time anything new of batman is released, whether it is a comic book or a movie, the demand for Batman toys hits the market. The toy line of batman begins action figures was released and they are all named after the batman movies and comic books. The toys are the liking of the characters that are in the movie and are even dressed the same.

Batman action figures have always been very popular since their first release in the 60's. Unsurprisingly enough there are more Batman figure toys than any other character out there thus far.

The toy companies continue to put out batman begins action figures toys each year with different variations and people of all ages are interested in these either to collect them or just because it is a batman toy.

The batman Begins action figures toy line is excellent and was launched when the Batman begins movie was release in 2005. Here are the top 5 action figures that are popular from the Batman Begins action figures collection:

1. Batmobile - This toy replica of the batmobile from the movie is full of sounds that bring the movie to life. It has a rocket engine that has really neat sounds and light up in the front with lasers. It also converts into attack mode.

2. Ultimate Batman Figure - This is an all time favorites because it is the very own, batman with the stunning black and gold details which looks very sleek.

3. 14 inch action cape Batman - With over twenty-five points of articulation kids can put Batman in lots of poses. In addition to a pop-out cape that dramatically extends into "gliding" position.

4. Battle Gear Batman Begins Figure - This is a classic figure from the original Batman movie. Batman is always ready for a good fight with this 6 inch figure that is equipped with a steel case full of battle gear, keeping the Dark Knight prepared for any foe.

5. 13-inch Batman figure - Although it is higher priced than the other action figures it is great for the Batman collector. It features an authentic movie costume, an alternate set of hands, and a display base and to top it off, it is a limited edition figure.

For more information on Batman Begins action figures and other hot action figures of the season check out Todays Hottest Toys.

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Little Tikes Sandbox

What is one of the most enduring, appealing play environments for kids that's been around as long as anyone can remember? The sandbox. No summer is complete unless there is a certain amount of sand play. Fortunately the folks over at Little Tikes have made several models to choose from, all with the legendary toughness that Little Tikes products are known for.

The Little Tikes Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading pool is a sort of two-for-one deal: you get a sandbox in one "wing" and a wading pool in the other. It also comes with a handy umbrella to keep those burning rays off your little one's shoulders. Free form imaginative play with sand is one of the classic rites of childhood. And, of course, free form cleaning up of all the sand that gets tracked into the house is a classic rite of parenthood, but that's OK. The Little Tikes Butterfly Beach Sandbox and Wading Pool retails for around $40.

The Little Tikes Sand & Water Table - Builder's Bay - is loads of fun for kids who like building things. Of course, the sand and water don't exactly stay all in their correct places, but that's part of what playing with sand is all about. After all, moist sand packs well for making castles and pyramids.

The Little Tikes Sand & Water Table Builder's Bay is a table, so kids stand up and have access to all the space for driving around miniature cars and creating dunes and beaches and who knows what else.

While there is a case to be made for sandboxes built into a backyard under a tree fort, there is also one very good reason for parents to consider a self-contained sandbox like the ones from Little Tikes: if you move, all you have to do is dump out the sand and take it with you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Outdoor Water Toys - Good Clean Summertime Fun For Kids

Some good ideas to keep the kids occupied outside this summer.

Some kids may hate taking a bath, but that doesn't mean they hate water. I have never met a kid that given the chance wouldn't run around in the rain or slash around and play in the puddles the rain leaves behind. Kids love water when they can play in it outside. If you would like to see your child smile from ear to ear just give them one of these really cool water toys and then stand back if you don't want to get wet.

Water balloons are a fun and very inexpensive way for kids to play with water. Give your kids a package of balloons and the garden hose and they are set. If you want to get a little more high tech, you can purchase slingshots made especially for launching water balloons.

Another of the not too expensive water toys you can buy are water guns. Of course some of the more powerful water guns can get up there in price, but none of them are too costly. Kids can have a ton of fun chasing each other around the yard and shooting each other with their water guns. There are even clip on targets you can purchase to make their water gun fights a little more challenging.

We all played in the garden sprinklers as kids, but today there are lots of really cute sprinklers made just for kids to play in. There are sprinklers available that are made for small children like the Elmo sprinkler I bought for my grandsons that allows you to adjust how much water comes out so even the youngest toddler can enjoy the water without getting sprayed in the face. Then there are other sprinklers that are made for older children that wiggle and move and spray water everywhere.

Slip and slide mats are another way to let you kids have a little water fun. The original slip 'n slide has been around for over forty years and now is available in several different designs and even some double and triple designs so your kids can have water races.

If you want to splurge a little, the inflatable water slides are a big hit with kids and come in lots of different designs and sizes. If you are looking for other fun toys for your kids visit best selling toys for toys for kids of all ages.

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Trunki Review - Don't Be the Last One to Know About the Latest Travel Craze!

If you have children of the toddler or pre-school age then you will know that traveling becomes more difficult as they like to carry their own things. However, carrying your own bag through the airport becomes much less exciting when they realise how tiring the task can be. After all the journey to the departure gate can be too far for little legs. Trunki is the latest travel craze, and the answer to your child's travel problems.

The Trunki ride on suitcase is a new breed of child sized luggage which doubles up as a ride-on toy, perfect for when their little legs get tired. The sturdy case is made of the same material as adult luggage and is built to last. It's light enough for a small child to carry (just four pounds when empty) but strong enough for them to sit on and be pulled along by mum or dad.

The wheels roll smoothly on tile or low-pile carpets and the brightly coloured cases can even carry more than one child!

The 18x18x12 case is approved as airplane hand luggage and is big enough for your child's snacks, games and even spare clothes. So it's perfect for keeping them entertained during the flight too. Please be aware though, if you are planning a long trip, or need to pack bulky clothes like sweaters, then you might need an additional bag to put those in.

Trunki comes in a variety of colours and styles and is sure to turn heads as you pull your little one through the airport.

Now you have learned why the Trunki ride on suitcase is the latest travel craze visit to find out how you can get free shipping today!

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Get more information on Trunki

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Toys For the Future Engineer (K'nex, Etc Toys That Teach About Machine Functions)

You know why a lot of us didn't like school? It was simply kind of boring. For some of us, it was challenging, but for many, it's just that the material was already old to us by the time we got to it.

If you were already reading Doctor Seuss before you ever started first grade, you were probably ready for a little something more by that point. Some of us got lucky and were maybe skipped ahead a grade or two, while others simply had to settle for being the bored smart kid in the class.

When you're young, you tend to latch on to certain things, and it's important that your parents nurture that interest (even if it does result in boredom at school). For example, when a kid who's always been playing around with Legos toys, K'nex and other mechanical toys starts learning about simple and complex machines in school, he or she is going to wind up saying "Haven't I already been over this?" The wise teacher will administer some slightly advanced curriculum to the child.

Being way ahead of the class, again, while it can make school a little dull, winds up being very important later in life. It's always the kid who found grade school dull who winds up being accepted to an elite academy for future engineers.

If you want to facilitate your future-engineering-genius's creativity and grasp of the material, the good news is that you have quite a lot of options. The better toymakers out there craft their products with an understanding of the way a child's brain functions. Kids don't think they're training for a career in designing new ways to harvest and cultivate food, or that they're going to engineer an ingenious solution to fossil fuels, they're just having fun, putting different things together and seeing what they come up with.

Legos are a no brainer. Particularly any legos toy kit full of moving parts, gears, wheels and axles. Lego's Technic line is particularly great. Each kit is built with a certain thing in mind. One might make a real working bulldozer, another might make a race car, but if you get a few kits, you can piece the different parts together and make pretty much anything you can come up with.

Meccano is another great line of developmental toys if you want to step up from the simplicity of Technics. Meccano actually comes with a few simple tools and requires kids to put together cars, airplanes and other machines with small pieces of colour coded sheet metal, as well as nuts and bolts.

But dig this, if you want something really cool, you can go for the Haynes internal combustion engine. It only costs about sixty five bucks, which isn't much when you consider what it is: A simulation of a real, working internal combustion engine.

Now, it doesn't actually require gasoline or anything, it's not a real engine, but rather, an electronic simulation of one. It's a small model of a real four cylinder engine. It comes with spark plugs, tools, nuts and bolts, and all the instructions you'll need to put it together. It teaches how a real engine works, and it makes all the cool sounds you expect from a real engine. It's as close as you can get to real engineering without filling your living room with carbon monoxide! is a leading Australian online toy store. Visit for a wide selection of Kids Toys at discounted prices. To save money on your next purchase, please visit Toys.

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Children's Toys - Combining Fun With Learning

Children's toys are basically a combination of toys or games designed specifically to allow a child to learn and inculcate various traits while they play. Children generally living in their high energy modes can canalize their time and efforts into making learning and playing a thing that can be done simultaneously. If you are a super parent then you would probably always be on the look out for such toys in the hope that the ever wavering attention of your child is held long enough to enable them to learn something worthwhile as they fiddle around with the newest of toys that you bought.

In a time when the tried and tested method to keep a child held at a place without letting them involve in mischief is to either letting them watch television or play video games, these toys are sure to provide the parents with an alternative way out of the conundrum of how to ensure that their child spends spare time without letting any of the time spent go to a waste. It is also of significance that studies show children involved in playing with such toys have a lower susceptibility to neural diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The onus however is on the parents to make sure that a lot of such challenging games are present in the house and that the child is always encouraged as well as coerced into being involved with them in spare time.

The following list highlights a few of the basic and common children's toys available and their utility in a child's development.

* Clay molding sets: These types of toys allow the creativity of the child take to the forefront as they mould figures and objects randomly. Available in varied colors they also fascinate the child as they make replicas of real life things such as a car or a dog as such. It is visually stimulating and helps better the hand eye co-ordination and motor skills.

* Dolls and stuffed toys: These inculcate the sense of possession, caring and bonding in the child as he or she plays with and indulges in dressing up or feeding the toy. It also helps in encouraging the child's emerging senses.

* Building blocks: These allow the development of the child's motor abilities as he/she engages in building structures and patterns in varied levels of difficulty and complexity. It helps augment the sense of cause-effect in the child's mind.

* Flash cards and edutainment games: suitable for slightly older children and allow them to enhance their memory and knowledge base. It also helps them to getting a hold of basic mathematical concepts and quantitative skills.

Apart from the above mentioned toys there are also a lot of other toys serving the noble purpose of keeping your child busy as well as learning. As a parent it would be open to your choice as to what kind of toy is most suitable for your kid. So no matter what you buy, do buy something that challenges the intellect of your child and makes him challenged by it so as to try for as long as it takes. Be sure to check the instructions and safety parameters being followed by the manufacturer so as to ensure safety for your child.

All said and done, get your child a toy that is more than just a item to while way time. Sit back and relax as you see your child enjoy.

Baby toys - At ebeanstalk, we carry a unique selection of 1 year old toys, 2 year old toys through toys for 7 year olds. Our collection of educational & learning toys for babies, infants & toddlers from 100+ manufacturers will truly match your child's development.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Mini Guide on the Folding Trampoline

A folding trampoline is a great way to give your kids all the fun of bouncing up and down for hours at a time, yet still be able to tuck it away in a small space for storage, or when not in use. The way it works is that the four legs will tuck up and under the actual trampoline, and then it is only a few inches thick. You can store it standing on its side in your garage, or if small enough it may even fit in a closet.

The folding trampoline is an alternative to gargantuan counterparts which can take up in some cases the entire space of your lawn. Those kinds tend to get weather-beaten and are not necessarily so attractive to passersby. They are also less safe, merely because of their height off the ground and the extra bounce power that comes from the wider area they have.

No trampoline should be used by kids younger than three. They just don't have the coordination and self-protective bones to take a hard fall at that age. But as soon as they are old enough, a folding trampoline may strike the perfect balance between safety and comfort on the one hand, and keeping your yard from looking over-ridden by kids' toys on the other. Plus, it'll get them out of your hair for hours at a time.

Lastly, I would recommend testing out the trampoline before purchasing, as they are not all made with the same quality and stability. You should also inquire into whether the feet of the toy will scar up floors if used inside.

To learn more about the folding trampoline and trampolines in general, be sure to visit

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cool Toys For Car Kids - Lego Racers, Remote Control Cars, Etc

If you walk into any classroom in the country, you're going to have every little boy and girl pegged within a few minutes when it comes to what they're into. That girl reading National Geographic loves animals, the boy over there doodling in his notebook and ignoring the teacher is the artist, and the kid holding his fists in the air in front of him going "Vrooooom, vroooommmmm! EEEEEE!" is obviously the one who's into cars.

It's one of those fascinations that, for many of us, begins in early childhood and carries right on into adulthood, and then right on into old age. While in real life, we may have to settle for a more affordable and modest vehicle, leaving the hot rods and custom machines to racers and movie stuntmen, the escapism of a good car chase flick, or just a walk through a classic car show leaves most adults with a smile on their face, thinking about what we could drive if only we didn't have to hold down a job and maintain a respectable living!

If it's your son or nephew who's nuts about V8 engines and knows more about fuel injection than you do, here are a few words of advice: Encourage that. Whenever you go to work on the car, let the boy tag along, explain to him what you're doing and allow him to help out. At the very least, you're going to raise a kid who can take care of these things for himself when he reaches driving age. And secondly, keep encouraging his infatuation with cars with the right toys.

Some of the coolest cars toys actually come from Legos. Lego racers, for instance, are pretty cool. They let the kid put together a race car either based on the instructions, or they can build one of their own design.

And of course, you simply cannot go wrong with remote control cars. Back when we were kids, these were pretty much the cool toy, and they still are. Sure, you can play racing video games these days, but do racing games let you build your own race tracks in the backyard? Do you get the same viscera thrill racing in a video game that you do hearing the whirr and buzz of the electric motor of a remote control car? Can you set up a bunch of used soda cans and try to stage spectacular crashes into the stack? Remote control cars offer room for imagination that's hard to attain with an Xbox controller.

And of course, if your kid is still a bit young for something as complex as a hundred piece lego set or a remote control car or something, there are plenty of things for the young, car loving child. Wooden toys, for example, They may not fulfill that need for speed, but they're a safe, easy alternative when your kid is just obsessed with automotives and you know he's not ready for something made for older children just yet. is a leading Australian online toy store. Visit for a wide selection of Kids Toys at discounted prices. To save money on your next purchase, please visit Kids Toys.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Which Transformers Are the Cool Ones?

Optimus PrimeA great guide for anyone with a boy who's into Transformers (and some men too!)

Boys love Transformers. That's a fact of life. You have death, taxes, and boys loving Transformers. It's pretty simple, if you think about it. What are the two coolest things in the world? The answer is huge vehicles, and huge robots. If you get a huge vehicle that can transform into a huge robot, you get triple cool points.

So the title might be a little misleading. Which Transformers are the cool ones? Well, all of them, really. The question is which are the coolest ones, and which are the ones you only need if you want the full set?

So, here are the ones you absolutely need to have if you want to stage some awe-inspiring robot battles...

Optimus Prime

This guy is basically The Man. He's the primary hero of the series, in pretty much all of its incarnations from the animated series to the new movies to the old comic books, leader of the heroic Autobot Transformers. A big red semi truck that transforms into a superheroic robot. He displays courage, competence, and compassion, the ultimate hero. He should be the first Transformer on your shopping list if your kid is into robots.


Leader of the evil Decepticon Transformers, Megatron is ruthless and extremely powerful, although he's not without a sense of honour, he and Optimus Prime have a grudging respect for one another as rivals, which makes him all the much cooler a villain. In the new movie, Megatron transforms into a stealth fighter jet. In the original toy line, he transformed into... a handgun. There's no telling who would be large enough to fire a gigantic handgun, or how Megatron thought that a giant handgun would be an inconspicuous disguise while he tries to blend in on planet Earth, but hey, it was the eighties.

So those two, Optimus Prime and Megatron, are the primary hero and villain of the series, like Batman and the Joker or Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, but they're both backed up by their own troops of nearly-as-cool robots. In no particular order, some of the other Transformers that kids have always loved would include...


Starscream isn't clearly a badguy or a goodguy, and has sided with both the Autobots and the Decepticons at different times. He's considered a thrill seeker, and has literally the coolest name any robot has ever had. Depending on the version of the toy, he transforms into anything from a combat helicopter to a fighter jet.


Bumblebee is the Autobot's "scout" in the new movie. He transforms into a yellow sports car and searches Earth to find the badguy's hiding place before calling the other Autobots.


The cool, hip, competent Autobot. He has a thing for hip hop music, a sense of flair, and transforms into a silver sports car.


A Decepticon with a thing for authority, he transforms into a police cruiser, featured as the baddie in one of the tensest, scariest moments in the new movie.

We could list about a dozen others, but beyond the ones we've got above, it comes down to personal preference. Take a look at the description and see what the robot turns into, like it turns into a tank and your kid has always had a thing for military heroes, if it turns into a helicopter and your boy wants to be a pilot, you're set. You don't have to be an expert on all the dozens and dozens of different Transformers are available, just know what your kid is into and look at some toys online, there's probably a Transformer to match his interests. is a leading Australian online toy store. Visit for a wide selection of Kids Toys at discounted prices. To save money on your next purchase, please visit Toys.