Thursday, June 18, 2009

Children's Toys - Combining Fun With Learning

Children's toys are basically a combination of toys or games designed specifically to allow a child to learn and inculcate various traits while they play. Children generally living in their high energy modes can canalize their time and efforts into making learning and playing a thing that can be done simultaneously. If you are a super parent then you would probably always be on the look out for such toys in the hope that the ever wavering attention of your child is held long enough to enable them to learn something worthwhile as they fiddle around with the newest of toys that you bought.

In a time when the tried and tested method to keep a child held at a place without letting them involve in mischief is to either letting them watch television or play video games, these toys are sure to provide the parents with an alternative way out of the conundrum of how to ensure that their child spends spare time without letting any of the time spent go to a waste. It is also of significance that studies show children involved in playing with such toys have a lower susceptibility to neural diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The onus however is on the parents to make sure that a lot of such challenging games are present in the house and that the child is always encouraged as well as coerced into being involved with them in spare time.

The following list highlights a few of the basic and common children's toys available and their utility in a child's development.

* Clay molding sets: These types of toys allow the creativity of the child take to the forefront as they mould figures and objects randomly. Available in varied colors they also fascinate the child as they make replicas of real life things such as a car or a dog as such. It is visually stimulating and helps better the hand eye co-ordination and motor skills.

* Dolls and stuffed toys: These inculcate the sense of possession, caring and bonding in the child as he or she plays with and indulges in dressing up or feeding the toy. It also helps in encouraging the child's emerging senses.

* Building blocks: These allow the development of the child's motor abilities as he/she engages in building structures and patterns in varied levels of difficulty and complexity. It helps augment the sense of cause-effect in the child's mind.

* Flash cards and edutainment games: suitable for slightly older children and allow them to enhance their memory and knowledge base. It also helps them to getting a hold of basic mathematical concepts and quantitative skills.

Apart from the above mentioned toys there are also a lot of other toys serving the noble purpose of keeping your child busy as well as learning. As a parent it would be open to your choice as to what kind of toy is most suitable for your kid. So no matter what you buy, do buy something that challenges the intellect of your child and makes him challenged by it so as to try for as long as it takes. Be sure to check the instructions and safety parameters being followed by the manufacturer so as to ensure safety for your child.

All said and done, get your child a toy that is more than just a item to while way time. Sit back and relax as you see your child enjoy.

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