Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Outdoor Water Toys - Good Clean Summertime Fun For Kids

Some good ideas to keep the kids occupied outside this summer.

Some kids may hate taking a bath, but that doesn't mean they hate water. I have never met a kid that given the chance wouldn't run around in the rain or slash around and play in the puddles the rain leaves behind. Kids love water when they can play in it outside. If you would like to see your child smile from ear to ear just give them one of these really cool water toys and then stand back if you don't want to get wet.

Water balloons are a fun and very inexpensive way for kids to play with water. Give your kids a package of balloons and the garden hose and they are set. If you want to get a little more high tech, you can purchase slingshots made especially for launching water balloons.

Another of the not too expensive water toys you can buy are water guns. Of course some of the more powerful water guns can get up there in price, but none of them are too costly. Kids can have a ton of fun chasing each other around the yard and shooting each other with their water guns. There are even clip on targets you can purchase to make their water gun fights a little more challenging.

We all played in the garden sprinklers as kids, but today there are lots of really cute sprinklers made just for kids to play in. There are sprinklers available that are made for small children like the Elmo sprinkler I bought for my grandsons that allows you to adjust how much water comes out so even the youngest toddler can enjoy the water without getting sprayed in the face. Then there are other sprinklers that are made for older children that wiggle and move and spray water everywhere.

Slip and slide mats are another way to let you kids have a little water fun. The original slip 'n slide has been around for over forty years and now is available in several different designs and even some double and triple designs so your kids can have water races.

If you want to splurge a little, the inflatable water slides are a big hit with kids and come in lots of different designs and sizes. If you are looking for other fun toys for your kids visit best selling toys for toys for kids of all ages.

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