Monday, June 22, 2009

Trunki Review - Don't Be the Last One to Know About the Latest Travel Craze!

If you have children of the toddler or pre-school age then you will know that traveling becomes more difficult as they like to carry their own things. However, carrying your own bag through the airport becomes much less exciting when they realise how tiring the task can be. After all the journey to the departure gate can be too far for little legs. Trunki is the latest travel craze, and the answer to your child's travel problems.

The Trunki ride on suitcase is a new breed of child sized luggage which doubles up as a ride-on toy, perfect for when their little legs get tired. The sturdy case is made of the same material as adult luggage and is built to last. It's light enough for a small child to carry (just four pounds when empty) but strong enough for them to sit on and be pulled along by mum or dad.

The wheels roll smoothly on tile or low-pile carpets and the brightly coloured cases can even carry more than one child!

The 18x18x12 case is approved as airplane hand luggage and is big enough for your child's snacks, games and even spare clothes. So it's perfect for keeping them entertained during the flight too. Please be aware though, if you are planning a long trip, or need to pack bulky clothes like sweaters, then you might need an additional bag to put those in.

Trunki comes in a variety of colours and styles and is sure to turn heads as you pull your little one through the airport.

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