Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Transformers Toys - 4 Reasons to Buy Transformers Toys Online

Following the huge success of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen film, many fans are running to the toy stores to buy their own transformers toys. But sadly, many fans were not able to buy what they wanted because many other fans beat them to it. It is really inconvenient to travel to the toy stores just to get the toys but would find out later on that they are already unavailable. Having said that, let me share to you the disadvantages of not buying toys from the internet.

1) You have to pay the gasoline to go to the toy stores. This is added expense from your pockets. Compare the ease of ordering online, your toys will be delivered right to your doorsteps.

2) Worse, when you arrive there, what you want to buy are no longer available. Now, that is a big hassle you don't want to get into. But if you are going to buy from the internet, you will know right away if they are in stock or not, saving you time and effort.

3) There is not much toys to choose from. Many toy stores only have limited stocks on certain items. If they are not yet available, they will tell you that stocks will be arriving in a few weeks or so, so you will spend time calling hotlines to check stocks or go to another toy store to check the availability. Unlike if you go online, the web is much more updated and you can check right away and select which to buy.

4) Believe me when I say, speaking from experience, that there are more discounts, more promos, and prices are lesser online compared to the ones in the stores, though not really that big difference, but consider the savings most especially if you buy bunch of items.

So get your own Transformers toys now before they run out of availability. You can purchase them online. Save yourself from a lot of hassle, money and time.

Now you can click here to find where to buy the toys and other merchandises for your kids.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top 5 Batman Begins Action Figures

Every time anything new of batman is released, whether it is a comic book or a movie, the demand for Batman toys hits the market. The toy line of batman begins action figures was released and they are all named after the batman movies and comic books. The toys are the liking of the characters that are in the movie and are even dressed the same.

Batman action figures have always been very popular since their first release in the 60's. Unsurprisingly enough there are more Batman figure toys than any other character out there thus far.

The toy companies continue to put out batman begins action figures toys each year with different variations and people of all ages are interested in these either to collect them or just because it is a batman toy.

The batman Begins action figures toy line is excellent and was launched when the Batman begins movie was release in 2005. Here are the top 5 action figures that are popular from the Batman Begins action figures collection:

1. Batmobile - This toy replica of the batmobile from the movie is full of sounds that bring the movie to life. It has a rocket engine that has really neat sounds and light up in the front with lasers. It also converts into attack mode.

2. Ultimate Batman Figure - This is an all time favorites because it is the very own, batman with the stunning black and gold details which looks very sleek.

3. 14 inch action cape Batman - With over twenty-five points of articulation kids can put Batman in lots of poses. In addition to a pop-out cape that dramatically extends into "gliding" position.

4. Battle Gear Batman Begins Figure - This is a classic figure from the original Batman movie. Batman is always ready for a good fight with this 6 inch figure that is equipped with a steel case full of battle gear, keeping the Dark Knight prepared for any foe.

5. 13-inch Batman figure - Although it is higher priced than the other action figures it is great for the Batman collector. It features an authentic movie costume, an alternate set of hands, and a display base and to top it off, it is a limited edition figure.

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