Friday, January 8, 2010

Melissa and Doug Dolls - Alone and With Friends

Your precious little one will always have friends with Melissa and Doug Dolls. Alone or with other friends, playing with these dolls will always be fun and creative. There is so much to choose from.

Melissa & Doug Fashion Dolls - DYONurture the next budding Vera Wang or Versace with the Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Fashion Dolls. Perfect for kids 4 years old and above, this kit includes two double-sided wooden fashion dolls. It comes with stands to hold each doll up, glitter and craft glue, sparkling jewels, and colored pencils to adorn and dress these dolls up with their latest fashion collection.

Children 3 years old and up will love playing dress up with Maggie Leigh. She is a magnetic wooden dress-up doll who comes with her wardrobe. The Maggie Leigh Magnetic Dress-Up Set comes with a magnetic wooden doll with stand and an array of colorful and attractive magnetic outfits and accessories that will always fit Maggie Leigh perfectly.

Melissa & Doug Best Friends Forever Deluxe Magnetic Dress-UpYour little princess will love hanging out with her best friends Ava, Sarah, Hannah, and Mia - the four wooden dolls that come with the Best Friends Forever Magnetic Dress-Up Play Set. Each of the four girls have their own stands ready to get dressed up to the nines for any occasion with their wardrobe of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and a lot more.

Melissa & Doug Victorian Doll FamilyIf a family of dolls is what is desired, there is the Victorian Doll Family Set. This set comes with Father, Mother, big sister, and baby girl. These vinyl dolls come with bendable limbs for easy positioning and are perfect for a 1:12 scale dollhouses. There is the delightful Victorian Doll Family, Caucasian, the charming Victorian Doll Family, Asian, and the amiable Victorian Doll Family, Black. A family affair has never been this fun.

Time will pass quickly when your kids are playing with Melissa and Doug Dolls.

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