Friday, October 22, 2010

Leapster Explorer

With the Leapster Explorer, kids can enjoy learning games with their favorite characters like Dora the Explorer and The Penguins of Madagascar. The games teach skills like math, reading, phonics, geography, science, music, and much more. The game adjusts itself to go at the pace of the individual child making each experience unique. Learning at their own pace instead of feeling rushed or even under challenged is really important especially during their younger years.

There is an online program called Leapworld that gives kids a safe online site to go to that goes along with the Leapster Explorer experience. The games in Leapworld are fun yet still educational. The child's progress will also be tracked online so parents can see how much of a certain activity the child plays and what their skill progression is over time.

It also can be turned into a digital camera that is capable of holding 1000 photos. This feature encourages the child's creativity and self-expression. It also records video. Kids love being able to capture their own favorite things on camera, and it's an even bigger joy for parents to see things through the eyes of their child.

The base model just comes with the hand-held accessory. You will need your own four AA batteries. Games are sold separately. There is also a protective case available that is also sold separately. It's a good idea for younger children to have the protective case to prevent damage from getting dropped or stepped on.

Overall, this is a great tool that kids love. They don't even feel like they are doing work or anything extra to learn. For them it is just a fun toy that can be compared to other hand-held gaming devices. Compared to those other gaming devices, the price is right. And the kids love to get online and explore Leapworld. They have a lot of great downloadable applications too.

Apart from games, there are also downloadable stories that the kids can read on it. It has a high-resolution screen too with a bright display that is easy to see. The accessory itself is durable and sturdy. The best part is that this game comes from the reputable Leap Frog Company. For years they have been putting educational tools that hold a child's interest and teach them valuable core skills. It is a good feeling buying one of their products because they have such a good reputation. You can be sure you are getting a good value for your hard-earned money and you kids will get an exciting and fun way to enhance their learning capabilities.

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