Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Power Wheels Barbie Ford Mustang - The Barbie Fans Ultimate Car

Power Wheels Barbie Ford MustangHow many little girls don't love all things Barbie? So, I'm positive that you little girl would be totally thrilled to receive the Power Wheels Barbie Ford Mustang!

The Barbie Ford Mustang couldn't be more realistic both outside and in. Outside, it has a classy looking rear spoiler and a stylish pony grill and fog lamps on the front. You will note it boasts chrome like wheels and additional chrome accents throughout. Inside, is just as impressive with it's tan coloured, adjustable, bucket style seats, Barbie pink seat belts, cup holders and a radio with equalizer lights which plays pre-recorded music for driving along to! On the dashboard it even has coloured LEDs which flash and light up when the key is pressed displaying a realistic speedometer and tachometer just like Mom's car. At the push of a button your little one can also get engine sounds for a real driving experience.

The most mentioned disappointment for quite a few people is that the doors and the trunk of the Barbie Ford Mustang do not open, so there is no storage to take favourite toys on that long, exciting trip round the back yard and some shorter children may find it hard to get in. Fisher Price does state that this car is most suited for age 3 years+ but I do know of younger children who own one.

Once again, as it appears to be the case with most these battery powered ride on toys traction is an issue, especially on damp or wet grass. However, one parent did suggest to me that the problem did seem to reduce with two kids in the car, the added weight obviously making the difference. The other option to this problem is to acquire rubber bands which fit around the plastic wheels, or put duck tape around the wheels - this I am advised works just as well at a fraction of the cost.

The car runs on a 12 volt battery which will take approx. 8 hours to charge fully the first time, so best try to charge it before giving the Barbie Ford Mustang as a gift. Otherwise, you will have a long, miserable wait both for you and the child. For future charging there is an indicator light on the cars dashboard which indicates when the car needs "gas."

For learners the car has a lock out which means the higher speed of 5mph cannot be reached unless the parents do some work under the hood. For many younger children and those just learning how to steer and control the car the lower speed of 2.5mph is certainly fast enough! Once the higher speed has been enabled the child can choose their preferred speed using the realistic shift lever. The Barbie Ford Mustang also has a reverse gear - this can take a bit more getting used to, fortunately it can only operate at the lower speed.

Some Barbie Ford Mustang Information at a Glance:

Dimensions: 30.9 x 51.8 x 18.4 inches
Weight: 72.6 lbs
Age Recommendation: 3 to 6 years

Adjustable seats, Cup holders, Seat belts, Two forward speeds plus reverse, Pretend radio, engine sounds, Flashing equalizer lights when music plays.

For parents there is a down side, this car needs to be assembled. However, the instructions are clear and whilst it can take a little I am assured by parents who have completed this before it is really not that hard.

Despite the couple of niggles brought up kids seem to have a wonderful time riding round in this bright pink Barbie Ford Mustang. It gives hours of imaginative play and excitement and in the vast majority of cases is well worth the money!

Want to learn more about the Barbie Ford Mustang?

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