Friday, October 8, 2010

Singamajigs Is the Top Toy for Christmas 2010

Fisher-Price The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs - BlueThe 2010 Christmas holiday has now started and Toys R Us has revealed their top toys for Christmas 2010. There is certainly one particular toy specifically that is getting a large amount of buzz throughout the internet and looks as if the Singamajigs will without difficulty be that certain unique toy for the Christmas 2010 season that everybody must have and will more than likely sell out ultra fast. A couple of toy retail stores have already been completely selling out and can't seem to store them on hand.

Singamajigs are cute tiny little stuffed creatures of which each possess their own one-of-a-kind funky colorings and vocal range. Not only do they perform their particular very own song, but they can harmonize along with any other Singamajigs when you get them nearby each other and each one of the 8 possess individual vocal range. Get them in a circle and they can converse between each other in their own individual little adorable jibber-jabber. Fisher Price made a distinct play toward enthusiasts because little guys make an excellent collectable set since they're all so distinctive and play along beautifully. You will find colors for young children and listed below is a present list offered.

Yellow - Signs "Home on the range"
Orange - Sings "On top of old Smokey"
Pink - Sings "Skip to my Lou"
Purple - Sings "Oh! Susana"
Teal - Sings "When the saints go marching in"
Red - Sings "Where, oh where has my little dog gone"
Hot Pink - Sings "A tisket a tasket"
Mint Green - Sings "It's raining it's pouring"

There are lots of the reasons why the Singamajigs are within the best toy lists this season. They appear to have a variety of customers considering the fact that not only do small children utterly adore them, it seems small children and individuals of all ages are taking a cult liking to the Singamajigs. And right now there are hundreds and hundreds of fanatic video clips in online video web sites including dailymotion and vimeo.

Probably the major reason they are so popular is because they're at a awesome cost-effective price point for almost any household. For well under $20 you can get your kids (or grown ups) the number one gift this holiday season. Also, they are so new and there has not been a toy similar to them available on the market before just like the must have Christmas toys Zhu-Zhu pets and Tickle Me Elmo toys of the past years.

You can check out all of the Singamajigs or obtain an awesome deal on the Singamajigs web site.

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Lauren said...

My new obsession! I love these little singing things! :) I found the sweetest little video on them - so cute! x