Friday, November 12, 2010

Nerf Stampede ECS - The Perfect Christmas Toy For Boys

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECSKids have often enjoyed toy weapons. Long time back it used to be the bow and arrow leading up the toy guns of yesterday. These days you have fancy Nerf guns that shoot water or foam darts at high-speeds. This Christmas is not going to be any different. The Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS is the newest member of the NERF family of toys. It is already on various top 100 toys lists in different online giants like amazon and Wal-Mart.

This toy is meant for kids around 8 years of age. There will be a lot of parents who would be up in arms about how low the recommended age is for this toy. Understandably parents are concerned that their kids are playing with advanced automatic toy guns.We would suggest that parents make the best judgement for how old the kids should be when playing this. The important thing to consider would be the weight of the gun itself. It is heavy enough to discourage any kids younger than 7 to play with. If you have energetic kids who can handle this gun, they will absolutely love it.

When you look at Nerf guns, you often wonder whether the word toy gun paints the right picture. These are automatic weapons that can shoot a continuous stream of foam darts through the user of a clip system. For optimum balance you can also use the included bipod. You have the choice of using the standard mode or as a pop-out bipod. Along with the gun you also get a shield that will help you guard your head from enemy fire. For superior body protection, you might also want to consider the Nerf N Strike tactical vest.

So, you have a fully automatic Nerf gun that will shoot darts up to distances of 30 feet. The darts are made of foam and are relatively safe. The important thing to remember is keeping a spare set of batteries so that you don't run out of power at the wrong time.

Want to take your Nerf battles to the next level? Try playing with these at night time. Invest in a pair of eye clops night vision goggles and you will be adding a whole new level of difficulty and challenge to the game. For dads, the warning would be that you might not get as much playing time as you might expect to. The kids aren't likely to put this down for too long.

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