Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Are the 3 Hottest Toys for Christmas in 2010?

We love to gift toys that thrill our kids. But these days kids change their likes and dislikes faster than actresses change fashion. So how do you know which are the hottest toys for Christmas in 2010? This article comes to your rescue!
After a careful study on trends on Amazon I have concluded that the top three toys must be presented to you in the form of top toys in each category. Like the Oscars!

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (4842)So the top toy among boys toys first! And the winner is... Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle.

This is a 1,290 piece Lego set with Harry Potter, Hermione Grange and 9 other characters including Lord Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore, Professors Snape, McGonagall, Flitwick and many more exclusively created for it. Professor Dumbledore's office features the Sorting Hat, Gryffindor's Sword, a Basilisk fang and secret sliding stairs! Gryffindor's common room features a fireplace with Sirius Black's face... that is truly exciting. And Tom Riddle's book is hidden in the Knight's armor!

This product is currently available for shipping only within the US and Pacific locations. For APO/FPO shipments, it is recommended to check with Lego regarding warranty and support issues. The customer reviews are fantastic however... no complaints!

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream TownhouseContinuing with the race for the hottest toys for Christmas, among Girls Toys too, we have a distinct winner. And that is... The Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse.

Now this includes a pink personal elevator, and lights and sounds on every level of 3 floors! Sounds include the doorbell, kitchen timer, crackling fireplace, shower humming, and flushing toilet. You would really love to live this way when you see Barbie's Ultra-luxurious signature bathroom. And the charming light-up tiki lights and outdoor whirlpool tub will sweep you off your feet. But the details of the roaring fireplace and pop up flat screen TV are what will truly get you in the end!

The only negative is that Amazon is currently shipping this product only around the US. For APO/FPO shipments, it is recommended to check with Mattel regarding warranty and support issues. Customers review the townhouse as 'worth every cent' and you can rest assured with that.

Qwirkle Board GameFor the family, the hottest toy for Christmas 2010 will be one that has featured in the top 100 toys since almost 500 days! And that's called the Qwirkle Board Game.

Designed for 2-4 players of age 6 and up, the game lasts about 45 minutes and provides gripping fun and educational value for the entire family. It has won the Games Magazine Award and the Mensa Best Mind Game Award and the Major Fun Award. Built with 108 wooden blocks it combines the logic and strategy of Set with the creative multi-maneuver game play of Scrabble. Solid entertainment with Qwirkle or the other hottest toys for Christmas... have a great Christmas 2010!

To read reviews and look up other toys that fit your budget, check out the hottest toys for Christmas at the author's website


Pillow Pets said...

1. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs
2. Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster
3. LEGO Harry Potter Sets

Morkel said...

you have nice collection of toys for kids..i really like your ideas