Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kids Get Education and Fun With the LeapPad2 Tablet

The original LeapPad was a great success and given the rapid improvements in technology it's no surprise that the LeapPad2 is now available!

The LeapPad2 comes with a wide range of educational games and apps.  There are literally hundreds of challenges for your little treasure that become progressively harder as yo0ur child gets better.  This also gives them a sense of accomplishment as well as the fun playing the game.

The LeapPad2 is great for reading with the Learn To Read series as well as others.  They can improve on their phonics, vocabulary and comprehension.  The difficulty increases as they read more and if they have a problem they can touch the text to hear the words.

There is also a sophisticated reporting package for parents that shows where your child is doing well and where they might need some work.  Plus you can even add things to the games yourself!

There are two cameras (front and back) that record images and video. Also incluuded are five free apps - Pet Pad, Cartoon Director, Learning Songs and Art Studio. Plus, you can chose four more from a selection.

All in all the LeapPad2 is a fun introduction to more advanced technology that educates your little one while they have fun.

They also have "bundles" such as the  LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Disney Princess Bundle.

My son had the original and loved it.  But he's now 6 and has moved onto other things so I'd bear that in mind as the "claimed" age range is 3-9.

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